Joysticks Made From Clothespins

Clothespin Joystick

you want an interesting hack? here’s one for ya. this dude took ordinary clothespins and made em into a joystick. joysticks are apparently the big rage lately. you too can make one for your MAME arcade at home, or maybe just for fun. but beware, it will be messy and it will be ugly. just plain and simple.

7 thoughts on “Joysticks Made From Clothespins

  1. Meh, they do get old, just because of the sheer volume of April Fool’s jokes and the fact that that you have to think, “is this a joke?” about damned near everything. I then start to worry that something I wrote off as an April Fool’s joke just MIGHT not be… This one’s funny, though. :D “back in MY day we didn’t **HAVE** any fancy joysticks! We made our OWN! With a tub of butter and a pencil! That’s how we did it back when I was a boy! Kids these days, NO work ethic…” and so on.

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