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more links. more fun. more sausage. wait, no.

Someone decided it’d be fun to take Yahoo! and Google and merge them into one search engine

Always remember to kick it old school when hacking [sc0rian]

Using a joystick to control and manipulate images

Multiplayer on the PSP with only one UMD [Roy]
Kick it with a Gundam Land Walker
light up that beige keyboard
duct tape = instant hammock
save xbox games on the psp, because you can

and for your true wardriving needs, ebay has it all

13 thoughts on “Hackaday Links

  1. Bad Link(*h*https)

    “and for your true wardriving needs, ebay has it all”
    Links to:

  2. When you search for “search engines” in YaGoohoo!gle the number one result on the Yahoo! page is none other than Yahoo itself. On the Google side it lists searchenginewatch, altavista, lycos, dogpile and Yahoo! before finally listing Google, itself.

    Yahoo!’s results seem to be a bit tainted.

  3. (concerning the PSP multiplayer hack) maybe i’m mistaken but wasn’t that supposed to be the original idea for multiplayer…that only one person needed to have the UMD for everyone to play…doesn’t the DS do that too?

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