Making An Aquapiano


There is the pianist. There is the fisherman. Then there is the guy with a lot of time who enjoys making pianos into aquariums which is totally awesome. He started with a television and then got the idea for a piano aquarium. So he hollowed out an old piano, wired up everything including the filter, lights, pumps, and heaters and then put it all back to look like a piano.

And get this, he plans on making the piano playable again.

10 thoughts on “Making An Aquapiano

  1. Hmm, first came the disco platform shoe with the dead goldfish “aquarium”. Then came the macintosh turned into an “aquarium”. Now the piano (playable soon at that even) turned into an “aquarium” … next we shall recombine the technology of getting plastinated human corpses on display and start turning some of these babies into “aquariums”… oh I can’t wait.

    Israel Torres

  2. I thought it was awesome, while an electric keyboard doesn’t have nearly the class of a real piano, I would still like to have an upright electric piano aquarium. (Although I would also plug the electric keyboard into my computers MIDI port. :) )

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