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Yes we are back again with MORE cubeness. This is yet another Japanese doing. It’s crazy that someone even thought of this, it’s like saying “Hey! Know what would rock? A Sun SparcStation2 inside a cube!” Well maybe not that bad, but it’s a NeXT cube. The failed one from the ’80s. Still Jobs, just not Apple. They gutted an Apple G4 Cube machine and made a sleek, well, next cube out of it. Even a pretty Next logo is there to complete it.  Seems like cube hacks and mods are the new fad

17 thoughts on “NeXT Cubeness

  1. yeah, i can got to bit-tech and see cool case mods, but bit-tech doesn’t have cool hacks, thats why i come here.

    i guess i just got the definition of “hack” wrong, i thought it meant something that can do something cool, not something ordinary in a pretty package. if i wanted something crappy repackaged into many different and pretty cases, i’d just browse

  2. Odd. It seems that the hackaday folk don’t type all in lowercase, even though they know it will be converted so. The RSS version has capitalization intact, so only the “e” is lowercase in Ne XT as it should be, but ofcourse is mangled here.

    Uh, nothing really worth adding, except I found a next mouse at the Salvation Army for a buck a couple months ago, still looking for the rest of a NeXT to hook it up to…

  3. I think most people who look into it would acknowledge that all the post-Jobs-return Apple computers that run OS X are basically NeXT computers. I wouldn’t say NeXT failed if their technology was basically integrated into the Macintoshes.

  4. see, when you could use a 300 GB hard drive for an ipod, THAT was an interesting hack… but, when you just do another “pimp my box” episode for a computer on a hacking site.. it just feels very misleeding as to what this site was intended for.

    As if that wasnt enough to ruin my expectations, there are very few of us here that can read anything on that webiste in the first place!

    here’s a suggestion: try to use yourself as a gamepad by running wires from your nerve-endings to the game console, and that might just make up for the terrible loss in good hacks on this site.

  5. Anyone who comes to this site and then pouts about what they are seeing not technically being a “hack” are dumb. If you could see the same thing at… go to so I don’t have to read your stupid comments. If so many things aren’t what you consider a “hack” then get used to it and be prepared for it in the future. Your pouting isn’t stopping it.

  6. I don’t understand why these people are complaining to about not posting a lot of hacks, because I don’t see another site that is being flooded with lots of new hacks? it’s not just this site, it’s the whole internet. Maybe it’s because it’s towards the end of the academic year and many of our hackers are busy. I haven’t seen a lot of hacks anywhere, it’s not the fault of this site. if someone knows of a site that is getting in tons of new hacks in each day then mention it. I doubt the author of this site is out to prove he’s a bad-ass, no, he’s just like us, someone who enjoys a good hack, and when he hears about one he shares it with the rest of us.

  7. hackaday is generally pretty sweet with the hackiness. at least they don’t have a bunch of high school script kiddies boasting ’bout how l33t they are!

    scry the infosphere

  8. if you don’t like the hacks you find on hackaday, submit some better ones. I’m sure that they would love to submit really cool hacks every day, but they can be hard to find without submissions.

  9. i guess this was kind of interesting in a lame case mod kind of way,but it sure isn’t a hack-i think i’m not just speaking for myself when i say this site has gone downhill real fast lately. all this crappy filler (lets jam another battery pack into a random object and call it a hack!!)is getting tiring. i used to visit this site and not be able to do half the things i saw here-but i wished i could. now i visit it and would’nt bother doing most of the things listed here-and i’m glad i would’nt.

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