Making An Android Head

androiad head

Well, even I was a bit shocked when I was reading this. it is very much possible to build an android head with moving eyes and eyelashes….and on the cheap too (Well somewhat). It costs about $600 after parts, you’ll need an OS that can run Java (that’s gonna be so hard to find right?), and as always, patience and skill. This requires a lot of work but your payoff is well, an android head with 2 eyes that’ll look at you and follow you around. It’s pretty creepy that we can do this ourselves already, and for this inexpensively too. Do I hear Skynet anyone?

thanks a lot to [barbobot]

15 thoughts on “Making An Android Head

  1. hmm, a friend of mine claims to have solved all the design problems of a full-sized humanoid robot, and he plans to build one when he finishes school next year (and gets a job to pay for it)

    So this might come in handy for him. I’ll bookmark it.

  2. Very good again. Hopefully this will make the people who are sitting around complaining about the hacks and i dont see any of them getting up and doing something. Thanks hack a day for being a place that i can goto and read when i am tired of doing stuff.

  3. maybe you don’t see us getting up and doing soemthing because you are staring at a pane of glass, i look for cool stuff whenever i am on the web. don’t assume that we don’t do anything just because bad hacks sometimes make their way in.

    what are you doing to help keep bad hacks from infiltrating hackaday?

    PS do you go to bit-tech?

  4. looking for cool stuff on the web and leaving bad feedback on this site is completly different. if you dont see what you like, you dont need to complain about it. This site isnt made for your personal interest.

  5. Yes Ryan i do go to bit-tech, and the difference the hacks might be bad but i am not complaining, i would be doing something if i could think up of something that i could do but i am somewhat busy with school, and other things.

  6. I didnt realize it was from 99 until he said he didnt wanna miss star trek voyager so he was gonna put a TAPE in the VCR??? I was wondering how someone who seemed to be up on technology wouldnt have a dvd burner or tivo…

  7. Dang, this is an old hack… I remeber seeing this in late ’98 / early 99. :-p

    On another note:
    I think we should have a hackaday readers competition to submit a hack. Would be cool, I think.

  8. ok, so im REALLY interested in building an android. got some plans (bits and pieces yes, but not near enough to call it complete.) i think this project is a good start anyway. besides, from the complaints ive read on this post alone, its pretty sad to think that no one has atleast recommended a site that shows any compitition for that price. anyway, im open to suggestions and feed back my self.
    best wishes

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