EVDO Stompbox Project


A stompbox? What’s that, a guitar pedal? No silly, it’s a WWAN (Wireless Wide Area Network) box that picks up data from cellular towers then redistributes it so that you can use it in whichever way you please. A good example is if you had one in a car, you could trace the car and whether it’s moving and track where it’s headed. Making one requires a few parts and some manual labor working and testing, but it pays off. You can now use Google Maps’ Satellite Viewing to track things. It’s got so much potential to be used in good and bad ways.

11 thoughts on “EVDO Stompbox Project

  1. Well, I’ve long wanted to do something like this as well. I’ve pondered radiomodems and even hopping on unsecured WiFi networks to send GPS coordinates, but an $80/mo. subscription to Verizon’s EVDO network was never really an option.

    Unfortunately, the underlying concept of this idea still remains for those of us who don’t want to pay that much (at least per month). Any other ideas?

  2. Perhaps a 3g smartphone with bluetooth. Develop an app that would read coordinates from a bluetooth GPS and up the through the phone to an FTP where your PHP app could properly display the results along with the google map.

    Of course, I know nothing of using 3g on smartphones.

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