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I’m happy and unhappy.
I’m happy with the fact that you guys have been commenting and you seem to really like the idea of a podcast. Woohoo. So keep commenting!

I’m unhappy with Firefox. Yes, the same Firefox that has more security holes than an anime character has spikes in it’s hair (goto flash site). I’m mad because Firefox has the lousiest support for flash on the mac. Period. I just had a wonderful hackaday links done, then sure enough, a flash site loads, takes control, and you have to force quit firefox. So psh. Use Safari RSS.

Therefore. Understand. You people seriously rock.
Here’s good links. Tasty, good, and fun.

The guy who hacked Cisco and stole their source code for IoS got busted.

Gotta love chess. Especially those nice looking glass ones that glow toxic green. [Chris]
Transmit audio through the frickin’ laser beam
This is a nice tidbit sent in. Check out how to record phone conversations from your phone to the pc. Hmmm

25 thoughts on “Hackaday Links

  1. Beige box? Uhh, a beige box is just a phone with aligator clips on the end. You mean a lunch box (1 way radio basicly) or a neon/tan box (which is what the modem mic thing is). Most modems do not allow you to listen in to the line unless its trying to dial, but in that case, I can see the beige box thing. ^_^

  2. I don’t know what you are talking about with the flash. I spend a good deal of my life playing Glod Strike at flasharcade.com in Firefox 1.0.2 for OS X Tiger on my powerbook. everything works great. Perhaps you have something corrupted.


  3. Yeah, i agree with cavebear, even in Panther, my flash sites run beautiful on my mini, and just as well on my Blue and White G3 tower using Firefox. What sites are you trying, I’d like to try these myself to see if it may not be FireFox but the site itself.

  4. Idea for the Laser Audio Transmitter: I’ve seen in movies where you can bounce a laser off a window, which will modulate with sounds near the window, and can be decoded with the reciever. Could this laser hack be used as a Laser listening device? VERY cool if it works. I guess I’ll have to get off my wallet and see :)

  5. I agree with cavebear, though I’m not a Mac-user firefox has never had any trouble with flash, it’s especially never been able to take hold of a browser window, something Java is more capable of.
    you might want to look at the plugins RIP and adblock, more versatile than just flashblock by itself, to see about getting rid of the nasty elements. After you wipe it out and re-install to make sure nothing in chrome is broken/hijacked.

  6. vince, it isn’t firefox! it’s the flash plug-in! try it in safari or IE, flash sucks across all mac browsers! macromedia is definitely the people to blame here. their flash implementation is atrocious. When my dual 1.8Ghz G5 can’t run some pretty simple games, you know it’s bad.

  7. Hey sean. I submitted the article to i-hacked yesterday. I did this project a year ago actually and had pretty good sucess with it. I’ve also seen on the net that you can bounce a laser off a window and bring it back as an audio source. It would be harder than crap, but I’m sure it could be done. Lining it up and the fact that only half your light is coming back… It would be fun to try. I may consider using it as a science project next year.
    Glad you like the idea.

  8. Sean and lehmon. That is a pretty cool project that could definitely have some cool implementations.

    As far as listening with the laser, I saw a show on TV a few years ago on either discovery or history channel. In the Cold War the Russians used the tech of lasers to ease drop on US buildings from their embassy etc. I believe they bounced it off of the windows. Take a lot of fine tuning and getting just the right angle to do it, but it is definitely possible. That is the reason for the weird looking gov. building (name is totally slipping my mind right now) built in DC then has the windows at such weird and alternating angles.

  9. hello all.. Noticed the link to the CMP Dump was off.. so all post it in here the link to the main site then ppl can look at it .. :) we now have 2 of them..
    Type 1 (Save Dump) Dumps only when u save the game
    Type 2 (Live Dumper) Dumps at the push of a button makes live dumping vary fun :)

    main site link is

    hope u enjoy :)
    and thanks for posting the information on your site..

  10. adblock changed my life, but seriously, I think some people are looking for ways to badmouth firefox. I mean these are potential exploits yes but so are the exploits of the mac widgets on tiger. There will always be holes, I think the companies we’ll eventually keep are the ones that respond fastest, whichever that maybe. however I may be keeping firefox for a long time because of the aforementioned adblock.

  11. I have the same problem vince does with flash on firefox on my mac. Its fine on my PC with firefox, I think its just a mac issue. Haven’t used any other browsers though. I can play flash movies but I can’t see them in firefox, doesn’t cause firefox to crash though. Dunno why it does this on some macs and others have no problems at all.

  12. I hate to say this: but i knew this would happen (the firefox vuln. stuff) Its just like IE, the only reason its insecure is because 90% of the internet uses it, and its fast becoming that way with firefox. I’m not saying firefox will turn into IE, because firefox is fundamentally better than internet explorer. Its not the secure browser you all thought it was! As for me, im cruzing the net on Opera.

  13. As far as security holes go, Firefox has far fewerholes than IE, for example. You’ve been pretty harsh on it lately, and it’s unwarranted. You’ve linked to different articles about the SAME FLAW (although with three bug and security reports). Just because you read 15 articles on one flaw doesn’t make it 15 flaws. This is the first security flaw in Firefox that Secunia rated at it’s highest level, and it was effectively closed within 24 hours of being publicly known. The only reason it was publicly known was because someone who had the security access to the bug leaked the information before the final fix was released (obviously to impress his friends).

  14. Laser link ideas:
    1. mount receiver in telescope, see how far you can get.
    2. IP over laser pen?
    3. Add light filter to reduce noise
    4. Isn’t a phototransistor better (faster)?

    I really like that hack’s simplicity.

  15. There are programs designed to facilitate networking through sound cards. The ip over laser pen idea could work using this type of software! It would be slow, but definately worth looking in to. Line of Sight, a $20 laser could probably provide a 1 mile link!

  16. don’t hate firefox for PROPRIETARY flash S***, flash is really SINGLE platform, x86. the only reason you have it on a mac is because apple made a deal for a proprietary version themselves. Hate flash not firefox.

    and to help you some, make sure you use the latest flash, it works quite well as others have said, but prior versions are quite slow

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