planning your xbox retirement

xbox cluster

I know this isn’t new, but today is a special day: the new Xbox is going to be officially revealed tonight on everyone’s favorite music-free music channel. This post is about what to do with your soon to be obsolete Xbox.

Xbox-Linux installs have become fairly easy; You no longer have to crack open the case. You can buy or build a simple usb adapter to upload a 2MB file on to the Xbox by using an exploit in MechAssault.  After that you can boot a live Linux cd.  Even after this your Xbox will still be able to play games. 

What you can do with it is up to you imagination. 

The best place to start on this journey is the xbox-linux wiki.

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hackaday links


I’m happy and unhappy.
I’m happy with the fact that you guys have been commenting and you seem to really like the idea of a podcast. Woohoo. So keep commenting!

I’m unhappy with Firefox. Yes, the same Firefox that has more security holes than an anime character has spikes in it’s hair (goto flash site). I’m mad because Firefox has the lousiest support for flash on the mac. Period. I just had a wonderful hackaday links done, then sure enough, a flash site loads, takes control, and you have to force quit firefox. So psh. Use Safari RSS.

Therefore. Understand. You people seriously rock.
Here’s good links. Tasty, good, and fun.

The guy who hacked Cisco and stole their source code for IoS got busted.

Gotta love chess. Especially those nice looking glass ones that glow toxic green. [Chris]
Transmit audio through the frickin’ laser beam
This is a nice tidbit sent in. Check out how to record phone conversations from your phone to the pc. Hmmm