Cheap GPS receiver


Here’s a short guide for converting a Palm III GPS sled into a normal serial GPS receiver. The Palm III is old tech so its accessories can be picked up cheap and modified for other purposes. The GPS receiver needs to be separated from the Palm specific board and a few components need to be transfered between the two. Once that’s done you should have a standard serial GPS receiver. Here’s a cache in case the “Read” link fails.

[thanks nevamore, who has done this hack with success]

194 thoughts on “Cheap GPS receiver

  1. just wondering on how i would hook this up in my car so id know exactly where i am and where to go…. i understand that this is a reciever but what do i hook to it to display info? head unit or what?

  2. Hello,
    I wonder if you can help ? I have a copy of Garmin Mapsource City Navigator v6 unlocked on my PC, I have two off 25 digit unlock codes and it works ok.When I try to download maps to my Garmin i3, it goes through the motions and appears to download everything, but it does not.I have a new 512 mb micro SD card for loading the maps on to as my original only has UK on it, although the Base Map is Europe. I contacted Garmin about this and they say I need the original 7 or 8 digit code that came with Mapsource before I can unlock the i3, I obviously don’t have the original code. I have i3 id no. and serial no., can you help!?

  3. I have a Garmin 10 that works with my Pocket PC. I am looking for BlueChart Pacific or any maps that give details in Asia. I have a great map of Thailand if anyone is interested.

  4. Is there anyway to upload City Navigator Europe v6 to Garmin Nuvi GPS? I have the 25 digit unlock code and it works fine on the computer but gives error “Can’t unlock maps” when uploaded to GPS. I don’t have the 7 or 8 digit code. I leave for vacation on Sunday and can’t find a copy of the program locally and don’t have time for it to get here if I order new version via internet. I tried the regedit trick posted by Frits to open Metroguide but it didn’t work for Navigator. I really would like to use GPS turn-by-turn for my trip.

  5. Hi from france…

    Does someone know how to unlock european city guide v6 ?
    Is it necessary to have the number that they speak on the garmin website to use my e trex legend C?
    My gps worked with trip and waypoint manager but it don’t work since I install european city guide 6. The computer don’t seems to find the GPS!?

  6. I have Garmin City Navigator V6 for Australia copied from an original CD & have the Garmin Streetpilot 2610 unit. I only have the unlock code for the V5 disc & want to find a way to get the V6 maps onto the unit.

    Can anyone here make any suggestions as to how to solve this problems.

  7. papgaard-
    Sent you an email. Was wondering if you have had time to go through them as of late. I have north america city select v7 disc and was wondering if there is an unlock for it before i tried to install it. Is there a fee for your services? Any advice would be appreciated before i end up getting too impatient and pay those bastards $75 bux or whatever it is.

  8. I have a garmin i3 which is showing detailed maps and has a detailed database but it will not provide turn by turn navigation. I have a set of City Navigator maps (Europe 7) which I can upload by usb, but the send turn by turn option is greyed out. has anyone any ideas on the pc software. Do I need a different unlock code?

  9. Hi,

    I have just upgraded from a Garmin Legend to Legend C and I cannot load my maps into the new unit. Does anyone have the GPS unlock codes for a Garmin Legend C or a way to load them into my Legend C

    Codes for
    City Navigator 5 (Australia)
    Metroguide 4 (Australia)
    Pacific Bluechart 6.5 or 7.5

    Hope you can help,


  10. Hi
    I have just got a Garmin 60cs and need it to run with memory map 3.1.1 via USB can this be done? Memory map has com ports 1-9 but no usb.
    Very green with comps and GPS.

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