Hackaday Announcement

hello hello people. i’ve got a quick announcement before i release the HOWTO for today. i realized that this thursday i have to go to Gameriot at the TLA in Philadelphia. I also want to try something new this week. I want to have the meeting for Philadelphia on Friday. This way you cant use an excuse like class or whatever!  Look for official meetings posted on Wednesdays from now on in along with lazy afternoons.

Take care! Hackaday is getting very busy!

UPDATE: Get your meeting information in to me!!! Tonight preferably. I’m sitting here setting up the meeting list and what not. Please include the following info and dont use the comments for posting info, send it to me and a post will be made about it!

Let me know:
Where it’s at, What time, What day, What date, What you guys are talking about and discussing, What city, What country, What state, and Who to contact about the meeting (gimme an e-mail and name)

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Cheap GPS Receiver


Here’s a short guide for converting a Palm III GPS sled into a normal serial GPS receiver. The Palm III is old tech so its accessories can be picked up cheap and modified for other purposes. The GPS receiver needs to be separated from the Palm specific board and a few components need to be transfered between the two. Once that’s done you should have a standard serial GPS receiver. Here’s a cache in case the “Read” link fails.

[thanks nevamore, who has done this hack with success]

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