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to anyone who attended the philly meeting last night, i hope you guys had a great time together and i apologize for not being able to come. some personal matters came up that i needed to attend to. so thanks for understanding.

youse guys (in joe pesci voice) sent in alotta nice lookin links! because of that, i’m totally teasing you guys by only posting 5 links today. plus, this’ll give you more to look forward to! but, as always, if you guys hate it, i’ll stop.

link time!

build your own cockpit. yup. [brett]
haha i love it. the poor man’s raid array. [chappa]
make a simple 1 watt amplifier. [joe]
wicked flickr photoset of a guy learning how to pirate tv.
make a simple spectroscope.

14 thoughts on “hackaday links

  1. the camcorder hack is not done yet… because if you read at all the guy did it buy removing the memory chip from the camera… the purpose of the hack was to make the cameras videos removiable through the onboard usb interface…

  2. #7- You are totally right. I didn’t write the slashdot summary, so I haven’t used the word “hack”. This is only a proof-of-concept – it is evidence that strong encryption isn’t being used and there is a very good chance that video can be transfered to a user’s computer. Still lots of work to do if firmware disassembly is required (like it was for the last two cameras).

    – “the guy”

    Vince – enjoyed the philly video, wish I could have been there!

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