Technics 1200 Pitch Lock Removal

pitch mod

Yes, even the venerable Technics 1200 turntable can be improved. This simple, completely reversible, modification removes the automatic pitch lock from the mk2 model. If your decks have seen a lot of use the true zero point has probably drifted from the one marked on the scale. This is easy to tell by observing the strobe. If the large dots aren’t stationary when the zero is locked, you’re out of adjustment. The other nuisance is that you can’t do minor pitch adjustments when you are close to zero because it constantly wants to lock. Even if you don’t want to mod your turntables this article does show you where to go to move the zero pitch back to the actual zero.

8 thoughts on “Technics 1200 Pitch Lock Removal

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  2. Awesome tutorial! Everything worked perfectly. I even went so far as to rip the ball bearings out of my sliders. I also went along and wrote a tutorial on similar as well… check for details.

    Thanks again!!!

  3. hello i was wondering do you have a mod’s for the brake on a turntable design technic1200 mk2 or the mod how to make a technics 1200 mk2 clone so then thank yoy and i really injoy you site

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