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We’ve mentioned Christoffer’s Skype phone before; Jeroen decided to make a device that could work with any standard phone. Seeing the Chat-Cord he decided that one could be built really easily. The main component is a transformer to demux the the mic and line signals. I’m guessing you could grab the appropriate one off of an old modem. To translate the DTFM tones for dialing he downloaded the Chat-Cord software. The only problem left is how to ring the phone using Skype and Jeroen has enough tips to put you on track. I know at least one reader requested this after seeing the Chat-Cord so I hope you guys enjoy.

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13 thoughts on “VOIP Chat Cord

  1. I’m a little bit lost here, on this site, it seems that this is opnly something that can be bought- can’t find a build link. I must be mistaken, because the comment before me mentions finding parts. If anyone wants to help, I’d appreciate

  2. jfalk
    if you scroll down t where you see the hand drawn image, that’s how to connect everything (the text right next to it), it does talk about the chat cord, which can be bought, but this is the how to make (basically) the same thing
    there’s also a parts/price list on that page, under the instructions

  3. personaly im going to have a go at this thing but i wanna find a diy usb audio project to go with it. The usb sound cards on froogle and ebay are fairly cheap, so they cant be that hard to build….

  4. weird when i went to vonage site and had the live operator chat box, she asked if i would allow her to move the chat screen to the bottom so we could see the webpages together and do the sign up process….i was immediately suspicious and said WHY….so you can hack into my computer, that means your in my computer if you know where my chat box is etc…shes like no..well i said NO..i dont like that idea……anyways she closed the chat box like three times on me, cuz of it……seems like there trying to hack you and steal your credit cards..WEIRD.

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