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it is most certainly a dreary day. again.

good news though, the third hackaday podcast is finished! we’re going to release it onto iTunes when we get our RSS feed up (very soon). we’ll be sure to put a download link here too of course. it’s packed with content and humor and we’re sure you’ll love it.

more good gnus. i have ordered hackaday stickers and pins/buttons! they’ll be here in about 2 weeks. we’ll be giving them out at defcon but when they do come, and you want some, we’ll let you know how. it’ll just be the old technique of mailing us a SASE for us to mail them back to you in. so that’s good. everyone loves free stuff.

speaking of stuff, t-shirts. hackaday t-shirts will be made soon. we will have them at defcon and that will be the first place to get them. we’re getting a very small ammount made (like 25 or so), so make sure you try to get to vegas or defcon to score one. other then that, we’ll be giving them out on the site somehow. we just need to think of a creative way. hmmm

25 thoughts on “Hackaday Links

  1. Roger Gorman, Mayor of Kansas City, pleaded for pedestrians to stop using the hacks, “For the love of humanity, can’t you people just jaywalk?”

    The Kansas City mayor’s web page says the current mayor is Kay Barnes.

  2. I dont think crosswalkbuttonhacks.com ever existed. bbspot looks kinda like a spoof news site. Moreover the article mentions the fbi shutting down a site for DMCA violations. Thats never gonna happen. The FBI might ask nicely for them to shut it down but they would not enforce the DMCA as that is the responsibility of the infringed party and the fbi doesnt manufacturer crosswalks. Although that might be a new way for them to spend their time.

    Also there is another story at the bbspot about psycologists counceling depressed software. Little hints like that tell me its probably not legit. Though that could be a good way to distribute sensitive info. Mix it with crazy stuff.


  3. psh…. cross walk hacks? who uses those things anyway? i goto school in a city and don’t ever think i’ve crossed when it said to walk… granted it’d be cool to change the lights red but how long before someone reported a kid who keeps hitting the walk button? people do that anyway, hit it – walk and walk anyway, so traffic stops for no one… would that really but such a cool thing to do anyway?

    granted if you could figure out how to keep it locked on walk… THAT’d be cool

  4. Instead of just guessing it’s a parody site by reading their articles. It would have been better to go to http://www.bbspot.com/Legal/about.html where they blatantly say:

    Called “the world’s greatest tech humour site” by The Register, BBspot creates entertainment for the geekier side of the world. BBspot produces a variety of features like fake news stories satirizing the tech and political worlds, the BBspot Mailbag which pokes fun at the Believers (people who believe our fake news) and much more. BBspot was started by Brian Briggs in April of 2000 as a hobby to bring some fun to the web, but grew to the point where Brian “quit his day job” and made the site his full-time occupation in January of 2003.

  5. Or just read the line of text at the bottom of the page. I’d read BBSpot before and knew it was parody, but decided to point out articles with ridiculous names to convince people.

    Anyway, no question of it, it’s a joke site. It would be cool if there were crosswalk hacks, but I doubt there is.

  6. Another comment about the crosswalk hack thing… My Friends, crosswalk hacks don’t exist. I suppose a signal controller manufacturer could integrate something of the sort, but they don’t. There is no brand McKenzie that makes anything having to do with signals. There is however a McCain, and even they definitely don’t have a “mk1” or “mk2” A pedestrian button is just a microswitch, and the traffic signal controller doesn’t care if you press it once or a million times in any pattern.

    The article is indeed funny, but only if you don’t take it seriously…


  7. “BBspot is a satirical news and comedy source and meant to be funny. If you are easily offended, gullible or don’t have a sense of humor we suggest you go elsewhere.”

  8. In my drunken state last night I forced myself to memorize “the hack”. Thinking to myself, man this is gonna be sweet when I try it tomarrow. Sigh… thats the last time I read hackaday.com links while drinking.

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