Hackaday Monday Sipping And Contest

monday sipping

OH my! What a busy and great weekend! As you may or may not know, I was with Jason, Brian, and Karina over at Live8 behind the scenes blogging about Live8 with them. It was a wonderful time and experience. Then I had the balls to go and see War of the Worlds after such a long day, and I reccomend you rush out and see it. Twice. It’s wonderful.

But back to hacks. We’ve made a final decision. Hackaday meetups will officially be once a month and on a thursday. The last thursday of every month to be exact. If you’re in Philadelphia, the meetings here will be insanely awesome. We’ll be renting out hotel conference rooms or something like that, having contests, giveaways, prizes, and discussions. Almost like a mini-defcon each month!

The shirts will also be ordered this week which rocks, so be on the lookout on how to score those aside from Defcon.

Oh! Podcast 03 will be out this week as well! We’re getting our RSS feed up and running soon but if it’s not ready by Friday, we’ll still post the podcast on here and iTunes.

MIT’s infamous disco LED-ridden floor is available for purchase now. Wicked.

And it looks like Brazil is finally getting around to building those $100 laptops. My question to YOU guys is