Junkyard TIG Welder

tig welder

This might come in handy on your next automotive project. Here is an extensive thread on how to build a TIG welder using scavenged parts. The setup uses a 130 amp alternator connected to an air compressor motor. The negative side of the alternator is attached to the torch and the positive to the ground clamp. The alternator field is supplied by a battery with a headlight dimmer to regulate the input power which in turn regulates the output amperage. People have been using similar setups like this to do track side repairs for many years. The pictures have disappeared from the thread a while ago, but here is a link to a site that stole them wholesale.

[thanks Phinh]

9 thoughts on “Junkyard TIG Welder

  1. I saw my grandfather rig up a welder once from a carbon core of a D cell battery, a short piece of pipe and some wire. He sharpend the end of the carbon rod, put the short piece of the pipe over the other end of it along with the wire then cremped it down and wraped in electrical tape. He then hooked the wire somewhere in the car’s electrical system and did some welding on the car with the engine running.

  2. jeez, andrea, i thought my grampa was cool because he once pulled a tooth that was bothering him while he was out hunting.

    PS screw cowbell i needs more homemade tools!!!

    how do you do the writing with a line through it? i tried to strike out cowbell and it wouldn’t work

  3. This is more a welder/generator than a TIG/MIG rig. A beefy recifier and a tranformer welder would achieve the same.

    Missing are the HV ignition (you need to scratch start) and the gas euipment.

    I would say this is a junkyard DC welding transformer.

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