10 thoughts on “Defcon Day 2 – We’re Out

  1. I absolutely had to have one of those, but there was no possible way I could make it to Defcon, so I decided to hack the hackaday shirt, I’ll get a picture link pretty soon (gotta get a picture first)… and yes, just to let you know, I was more creative than whoever the hell that was that did the other one, I used the same basic pattern, but it has been changed and made unique

  2. http://www.geocities.com/demosthenese_s/dscf0008.jpg

    sure go ahead and call it a cheesy iron on transfer if you want… I call it thrifty (and perfect due to time constraints, I leave tomorrow for a week, and really wanted to be able to wear it while I was away)… like I said, I made it my own, actually spent at least 5 minutes changing it around and then finally settled on that looking the coolest… If anyone chooses to use this design, please change it a little or gimme some credit (I’m not asking for you to put “designed by Demosthenese” next to the picture, though that would be pretty cool… just if anyone asks don’t lie and say you designed it yourself. Be a man or a woman, whatever the case may be)

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