Defcon Day 2 – Hamster Ball


This ball was being shown from DC*480. It’s a remote control ball that has a camera and processor. It can throw itself anywhere and only took the team 3 days to build…with 6 months of planning of course. I got a turn to try it out and you rotate the X and Y axis to make it move. It takes random screenshots too of what it sees. I love it. Great project.

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Defcon Day 2 – New Day Rising

our heads hurt. we’re not gonna lie. but then the nasty sound of the doorbell came at about 8am this morning. who was it? ups. they had a nice box for us. t-shirts!

check em out!

hackaday tees

we’ll be selling them today and tomorrow of course at defcon. $100 a piece.

not. they’ll be free, just come find us and find out how you can get one.

to find us, just look for us with the hackaday t-shirts. we’ll probably be rocking a sticker and a pin or two as well. we reccomend getting them ASAP for several reasons…one being that we just don’t have a lot of them.

so come on. hit it up!

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