Lyra MP3 Player Drive Upgrade

lyra upgrade

This is a hack by the most basic of definitions. Seriously, the tool list is only two items long and the second item is “butterknife”! No real technical problems here; you just need to format your new 80gb harddrive as vfat and then mirror the RCA files from the original 40gb drive. It’s nice to see someone else try this before you go knifing around.

On the topic of MP3 players: have there been any other network attached players besides the Rio Karma?

[thanks ikka]

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Hackaday Links

As you read this I’m probably riding a turboprop to Amarillo, but never fear links are here.

I’m kind of surprised by yesterday’s poll; Emacs is getting thoroughly trounced. I’m a fan of vi, but that’s mainly because I can type and never got into the whole “ctrl+meta+wang” thing. Emacs does have the capabilities of doing almost everything that isn’t text editing.

Heretic on the DS – second screen shows the map [Maxconsole]
[ACSLATER] wanted to know what to do with an old television: wave vessel .
Reading about melting an iMac reminded [Mike] of melting a NeXTCube.
John Gruber on Apple’s DRM [via Waxy]- You nearly had me Apple; now, not so much

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