Lyra MP3 Player Drive Upgrade

lyra upgrade

This is a hack by the most basic of definitions. Seriously, the tool list is only two items long and the second item is “butterknife”! No real technical problems here; you just need to format your new 80gb harddrive as vfat and then mirror the RCA files from the original 40gb drive. It’s nice to see someone else try this before you go knifing around.

On the topic of MP3 players: have there been any other network attached players besides the Rio Karma?

[thanks ikka]

22 thoughts on “Lyra MP3 Player Drive Upgrade

  1. i have one of these things, but it keeps breaking i have the warranty and i’ve returned it about 5 times and every time they gave me a new one…does anyone have this problem…now all you have to do is install linux on it!

  2. Wow, I have an OLD lyra lol. rd2201a…. Lost their shitty drive that you need to use for the cf card, and got tired of the small amount of storage. Any chance there is a way to rig an ide harddrive to the cf slot on the old lyra? It would be very interesting to turn old CF mp3 players into modern hdd storage players. If it can be done I would finally have a use for the old pos. THanks

  3. I have a soniqcast aireo with 802.11b 1.5gb hd, fm transmitter/radio

    it supports wifi syncing through an access point, it doesnt support adhoc mode. i took it apart, im adding a wired remote and headphone amp. i will have pics up when im done. the amp is built, i just need to make the remote now.

  4. hmmm that might be worht looking into. Now let’s see if I can find an old hdd around, or get someone local to give me an old one. Why oh why did I have to move an hour south to pittsburgh away from all of my computer dork friends who always had old shit to give away lol. If I do learn how to pull it off, I will most certainly do a writeup!

  5. As an owner of the 20GB version of this model, it seems that this MP3 player is very open and easy to hack. All of the music and system files are visible on the drive, which would seem to make an audio (OGG, AC3) port simple.

  6. I have several mp3 players that are networked, but they aren’t portable if that’s what you were getting at. I have a turtle beach audiotron, a rio receiver, and a modded xbox that all play mp3’s served from a linux server. At one point I had an OmniFi (Rockford Fosgate) receiver that would also stream over ethernet or wifi but I sold it.

  7. I have a Rio Carbon Pearl 6GB, and the thing is smaller than 1/5 of my face. I love the little thing but I’ve had to get a few replacements. (always pay the extra 20$ for a warranty)

  8. Hmm, nice hack – but has anyone seen another for different mp3 players? I personally have an Iaudio X5 and because of my music and its video capabilities, I’m out of (20gb worth) space and 30gb is still too small. Anyone know of a 40gb+ single disk HD that might do the trick?

  9. I have the 2825 Lyra which has been workin really well, but the problem im having is looking for a way to upgrade the hard drive and know the sizes available that I could replace it with. It has a 20 gig hard drive. Been looking everywhere for this upgrade directions ;) Also the link went bad for whatever version of lyra they had directions for here.

  10. I have a RCA LYRA RD2762 4G Harddrive and I have lost the ability to read the drive from the computer. I can see the drive but I can’t access it because I think my hardrive has lost the Lyra Application. If anyone can help me with this problem I’d appreciate it very much. You can email me at Thanks

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