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  1. And yeah, I agree with who_cares… I’ve got my Xbox modded, and that is a LOT easier than installing a whole PC in an Xbox console. And as for the iPod bay? Cool idea, but I think I like my Firewire dock better (but it’s stupid they dont send a cable with the dock…)

  2. @3 and 4
    Yeah, the xbox essentually would be a better Media Center PC in itself then a PC, if you had it modded that is. XBox Media Center as the dash, and it even looks halfway decent next to the TV as well, I wouldn’t want the Xbox sitting next to my monitor that’s for sure.

  3. That guy that did the xbox has not heard of XBMC. Also, 30GB? Mine has 200gb and it isn’t enough. Still it was an interesting project and one I will be coming round to soon, as now I have heard of mini-ITX. Liking the iPod dock…

  4. The list for the Altoid tin wallet begins:

    “You’re gonna need a Few Things
    – An Altoids Tin
    – Two Bolts
    – One really strong “hard-drive” magnet ”

    Is this an DIY-borne virus? Sounds like the guy wants us to wipe all our plastic cards. He should have put in additional instructions : “While you’re waving that hard drive magnet around, pass it near all the CRT tubes in the house, and wave it over your hard drive, chanting “wipe, wipe, oooh oohh, ah, ah! degauss noooo! random random data, ooh ooh, ah! ah!”

  5. http://www.scaryguys.com/aircannon.htm

    Wouldn’t something like that be what you are looking for for the sonic cannon? Just need a tube to hold a membrane that can be pulled back and forth quickly. A speaker might not have enough movement to properly do it, but a thick rubber sheet attached to something able to pull it back might.

    Or you might be able to get away with a compressed air tank feed it.

  6. >Is this an DIY-borne virus? Sounds like the guy wants us >to wipe all our plastic cards.
    I’ve a fossil wallet which closes using magents. They weren’t strong enough for my liking, so I replaced one with a hard drive magnet. It holds my money tightly, and I’ve yet to have a single credit card mis-read.

  7. i like the logos but don’t change the old one looks great and i think realy embodies the site considering how many people have tried this stuff and killed a great deal of hardware. i know i’ve fried a few pieces of electronics trying some my self.

  8. “Is this an DIY-borne virus? Sounds like the guy wants us to wipe all our plastic cards.”

    I’m sure that wasn’t his intent, but even if it were… surely hackadayers are smart enough to hack his hack and omit the magnet.

    additionally, did anyone happen to flickr his pics? Bandwidth exceeded and all that jazz.

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