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  1. well I dont know anything about the explorer your installing (or what platform your using) but I know that teh run command for nterenet explorer in MS is “iexplore” not “Iexplorer”

    I dunno if this helps at all

  2. hm… Firefox rarely crashes on me, twice since the preview version. Internet Explorer crashed rarely as well (when I used it); except when I got malware, spyware, and viruses from using it. (pre-SP2; SP2 caused a 50% performance downgrade on my computer, hence I don’t use it either) -_-

    btw, I got the joke ^^

  3. @#2+3:
    Yes, that’s a Linux shell. he’s using Gentoo linux (emerge is one of the package management commands under Gentoo). Jeez, this is hack a day, wouldn’t you think most people here run Linux? :-P

    P.S. and before you comment, yes, I do run Linux, my favorite distros being Ubuntu and Debian.

    P.P.S. btw, you could get IE running under Wine if you wanted, but I’ve found that to be rediculously unstable.

  4. my firefox build on debian is being cracky with btdownloadgui (yeah yeah i know i need to install azureus but the java dependencies are annoying to install) and on mac it’s being equally crashy. right now i’ve reverted to mozilla navigator but i’m thinking that this is a very good time to force myself to try galeon. galeon is a gnome/mozilla browser. and no, i don’t use gnome (fluxbox is teh yummers).

  5. Sigh. FireFox has crashed on my laptop several times now with the 1.0.6 build. I don’t know if it’s because it’s in combination with the new ZoneAlarm. Anyone else got a nice firewall to recommend? Something that doesn’t take up so much f*in memory? And please never use IE in linux, it’s just so hypocritical. Curse you Microsoft (until Longhorn comes out hopefully).

  6. Shadowuw
    Try outpost firewall ,works well for me, Lower resource usage than ZA also

    As for firefox crashing, goto the extensions site, there is an extension there, that automaticly re-opens the last page you were viewing upon crash, it even stores any info you were currently typing into textboxes etc.

  7. @#9: I dunno about plain Debian, but Azureus is damn easy to install in Ubuntu right through apt-get (see ubuntuguide.org). Also, if you’re gonna try Galeon anyway, try Ephiany (or whatever it’s called, it begins with an E) as well, since it’s Gnome-based too. Personally I like both the Gnome and XFCE desktops, but hey, its you’re choice.

    @#12: I use tabbrowser extensions, which includes sessions. I think it’s awesome and lets me get Opera-style tab behavior on Firefox.

    @#14: Yeah, I’ve found the 1.0.6 build to be unstable. I think I’m gonna stick with 1.0.4 on the machines I haven’t upgraded yet.

    @#15: Ouch. You might wanna see a doctor about that (I dunno what happens when a part of your finger gets cooked…)

    @#16: It definitely won’t be more stable. Believe me, I haven’t gotten it to stay up for more than 5 minutes of acutal usage.

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