BlogDay 2005

I guess today is BlogDay. No, I wasn’t holding my breath for this either. It seems like a good idea though: introducing your readers to other blogs you read, that aren’t necessarily related to yours. So here are five of my favorites that really have nothing to do with hacking.

The Kneeslider is a great motorcycle blog. Paul does a really good job covering the latest news and interesting topics like alternative engine designs.

Preshrunk is a t-shirt blog. This is the place I go to find non-black t-shirts to wear to hacker conventions. They’re also good about pointing out Threadless sales.

Drawn! is dedicated to illustration, art, cartooning and drawing. I read a ton of webcomics so this blog was pretty much a given in my eyes.

The Drunken Lagomorph is the only personal blog I read where I don’t know the author personally. It is written by a former EMT turned RN and is consistently hilarious

6 thoughts on “BlogDay 2005

  1. Haha, yeah!! Thanks for linking preshrunk. The first shirt they have on their main page (the My Other Shirt Is Also Black shirt) is made by me. That’s my company! I was happy when they picked me up, and now I’m happy one of my favorite sites has picked me up (even though it is through proxy).

    [/shameless plug]

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