HOW-TO: SSH HTTP Proxy Setup

putty config

We’ve been linking to a couple proxy options in the links posts recently and [tom] thought it would be a good idea to write up how to use Privoxy. In [tom]’s case he wanted to route all of his internet surfing at work through an encrypted tunnel to his home machine. The guide is Windows based, but it won’t be to hard to translate to your OS of choice. It starts by setting up an OpenSSH server and new user on the home machine. Then Privoxy is installed. Next PuTTY is used to establish the secure tunnel from the work machine. The last step is to configure the browser to use the proxy. You can use this for IM too. You may not need this at work or school, but it should offer you some decent protection if you’re out using open access points.

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BlogDay 2005

I guess today is BlogDay. No, I wasn’t holding my breath for this either. It seems like a good idea though: introducing your readers to other blogs you read, that aren’t necessarily related to yours. So here are five of my favorites that really have nothing to do with hacking.

The Kneeslider is a great motorcycle blog. Paul does a really good job covering the latest news and interesting topics like alternative engine designs.

Preshrunk is a t-shirt blog. This is the place I go to find non-black t-shirts to wear to hacker conventions. They’re also good about pointing out Threadless sales.

Drawn! is dedicated to illustration, art, cartooning and drawing. I read a ton of webcomics so this blog was pretty much a given in my eyes.

The Drunken Lagomorph is the only personal blog I read where I don’t know the author personally. It is written by a former EMT turned RN and is consistently hilarious