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Well, it doesn’t look like the PSU meeting happened. Moving on:

Yesterday I was moaning about the price of Cobalt Flux‘s dance mats. [SilentCircuit] says the cheaper mats from LikSang work great. There’s always the really cheap option.

I’ve been avoiding a the Flying Spaghetti Monster links, but I couldn’t help chuckling while playing the new FSM flash game. [via] To bad I’m already a minister for a different religion.

Did anyone pick up an iPod nano yet? Have you started hacking? Here is the iPod nano disassembled.

Every so often someone suggests we adopt the hacker emblem from Conway’s Game of Life. I guess I was always adverse to it since a glider in a 3×3 grid would die in the next timestep.

[lain]’s buddy built a drill powered bike. Includes “automatic” transmission.

External hard drive case from an old tape player. [thanks Gene kaufman]

Another OSx86 install. It discusses compatible hardware you should purchase if you’re building a box from the ground up. There is no way to tell if you’ll need the TPM chip with future OSx86 functionality though. [via]

The facebook list keeps growing.

Thanks for all the links.

20 thoughts on “Hackaday Links

  1. possibly taking a day off? They were posting yesterday so maybe they just left it at that and went to play volleyball and sip chai tea lattes. With the work they do, they deserve it.

  2. I bought my metal pads from Red-Octane I believe, but the problem was they were “light-weight” versions (and cheaper, about $135), so they still slide a tiny bit on carpet. It isn’t a huge deal, though, and I still have two of Lik-Sang’s pad-USB converters laying around.

  3. ive been playing ddr for around 3 years and am quite good, the tx2000 is one of the shitiest metal pad. cobalt flux is the most durable but for 300 its not worth it, afterburner pads are most like the arcade and are only 200

  4. I made a dance mat when I was into ddr, back when I could beat the super heavys with A’s

    But come on people at hack-a-day really it is four giant buttons, rig em up to a ps controller or a keyboard interface to whatever system you are useing and bam.

    I made mine by on the 5 off squares taking plywood and hammering metal around it, and they acrilic for the four, double layed so images could go inside, steelplates on the bottom that hit screws to complete the cuircit, and highpower leds to give it a glow, be creative.

  5. Fellow hackers:
    120 watt solar powered drill motor sounds like BS. Mby not, but from my days tinckering with bikes and motorcycles, 120 watts may at best push someone along on smooth flat pavement with good tight tires, non dragging brakes and decient berings at mby 5 miles an hour, especially since its a chain drive witch isnt the most efficient transfer of power. also, 120 watts is about 1/8 of a killawatt witch is about 1 1/3 horespower. so basicly a 1/6 horsepower motor assuming you can get 120 watts from the sun. btw the sun gives off 1 killawatt of energy per square meter and solar panels collect at the very very best about 120 watts per square meter. one meter^2 solar panel on a bike? sounds pretty hard.

  6. William, that’s not the real issue. The issue is how/why they expect people to pay the same for less space? They downgraded it. If anything, the nano should be a shuffle and not mini replacement.

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