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  1. i need to get in touch with kiddanger, if anybody knows him, or if her is reading this, please tell him to either join #hackaday on efnet or to email me at fucter.fucter[at]gmail”dot”com

  2. Whoever said to use hand soap with pummice on your car’s finish is SERIOUSLY mistaken. DO NOT rub anything that has grit in it into your car’s finish or you will most likely permanently destroy the paint. Unless you got some beater that you dont care that it has permanent swirl marks, spend the $3 on a bottle of bug/tar remover. Your car will thank you for it.

  3. Ditto. I wouldn’t try pumice on glass, and certainly never on paint. It takes a bit of work to get the sap to release, but your paint will thank you. My favorite method is using an automotive clay product. Generally, these products include a “instant cleaner” product that contains wax and a clay bar with the consistancy of sticky-tack.
    Spray the cleaner on the surface and start rubbing the clay over the offending area. Keep the area wet. You’ll be surprised.

    Also, if you keep your car clean and waxed, this crud will come off more easily.

  4. Project boxes: Don’t forget Mini M&M’s containers! My favorite candy but I love them more for the cute cylindrical containers that can accommodate projects, especially things that connect signals to other signals or convert them. I build audio isolation transformers to connect scanners and ham radios to computers.

  5. to [Josh]. Ladyada may have fell off the planet but shes still alive and well. I ran into her at about 2:30-3 am at the Star Market near Fenway park in boston a few weeks back. Ran into her and mentioned the kite cam and the Altoids Ipod.. Dont plan the memorial yet!


  6. Altoids – I have a Ginger one at the house too.

    Pine Sap – Oh yeah I have this problem. I also live in a rental property and the landlord refuses to pay for it. Once every 6 months I got out and take care of it. Goo-gone works pretty well (for Florida pines at least.) Dab some on and let it sit a few minutes. Wash the car when you are done and you can’t tell.

  7. for the removal of sap, just use some rubbing alcohol. chances are you have some around your house somewhere. simply put some alcohol on a cotton ball and rub the sap away. doesn’t take too long and there are no damaging effects to your car.

  8. do not use ANY household cleaners (alcohol, gojo, etc) on your car paint! They will weaken any protective waxes/clear coats that you have on your paint. To keep your paint in good shape, do this:

    1. Wash your car. “Car wash soap” is good for regular washes, but just this once, try Dawn dish soap. It will clean off wax residue, some of that sap, and lots more grime than car wash soap.
    2. Carefully scrape off as much sap as you can with your *fingernail*. Try not to scrape the paint itself.
    3. Get a “clay bar” from the parts store. Follow its directions, and this will take 99% of the gritty grime and sap off of your paint.
    4. At this point, your paint should be absolutely bare. Wash it again real quick, and dry. Apply pure carnuaba wax very heavily. If you washed with Dawn and use the clay, I recommend against using a cleaner wax here. I like “Mothers Yellow Wax” brand – it’s pure protection without the junk.
    5. Wipe off the wax with a thick, soft towel. Your paint should be smooth as glass to the touch, and will strongly resist any future aerial attacks from the likes of pine trees or birds.

    -former professional detailer :)

  9. Some guy 08527- Thanks for the blatant lie about the GOJO. It ruined my paint job when I tried to get the tree sap off my SUV. I hope you are happy about causing misery in other’s lives. You’ll get yours in the end, if there’s any justice in this world…..

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