-100degC Cascading CPU Cooler


From a thermodynamics standpoint this project is damn near pornographic. The goal is to cool both the CPU and GPU down to -100 degrees Celsius using a dual evaporator cascade system. The project is fully documented starting with making the CPU/GPU blocks and polishing them to 0.005 microns. Next step is the case build up followed by a ton of brazing. He got everything assembled and pressure tested with only a few bugs. Right now they’re troubleshooting the system. They can get one of the heat exchangers down to -48.9degC, but not both. I’m sure they’ll get through this. Head over and check out the beautiful work they’ve done so far.

[thanks weirdguy0101]

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Ladyada.net Is Back Online

Yes, I’m going to dedicate an entire post to this. Limor is one of our favorite hardware hackers, but her site was unfortunately down last week when we picked it for Editor’s Choice. Well, she is back from vacation and has gotten the site back online as promised. Take some time to check out her great projects: the Minty MP3, Mini POV, and my favorite, the x0xb0x.

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