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I don’t know what the deal is with my DNS; It really didn’t want me to see [markie]’s hand crank iPod charger. He failed to estimate before hand exactly how much cranking it would take.

The high school “confirm friend” links have started working for me on Facebook. So, you can actually add me now. I think girl count is holding at 6.

I think I first saw this in Sync magazine, but I’m not sure if we ever posted it: Pierced eyeglasses. [steve]

[Simon] made another Nano sleeve using a cleaning cloth.

Circuit-bent Casio SK-1 [jumpstart] did a great job packaging all of this up.

Grab high res album art from iTunes using [Tristan]’s script.

[BigDumbyak]’s Xbox dashboard skin

Cheap polarizing filter… really cheap [corey]

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8 thoughts on “Hackaday Links

  1. for some reason i still see facebook and myspace as an internet wasteland… regardless if I added you on the facebook hehe… I dunno… doesn’t seem like there is a real point… I’m yet to spend a ton of time on either site customizing it to ‘me’ … seems to be the trendy thing to do.

  2. Try Treewalk from ntcanuk for local DNS resolution, free and no crashing, have used it for years. I got tired of Verizon’s slow or unavailable DNS server, much better to do it right on my own HD..

  3. In the hand cranked IPOD charger, I’m pretty sure the LM7805 didn’t work because he wasn’t feeding it enough voltage. Giving it 5 volts would actually result in a flaky amount of volts below 5. I usually pump about 9 volts through my 7805 to get a solid 5.

  4. i tried the itunes album art trick but it didn’t work. reading what the site churned out told me i needed to use the itms for usa. if you now of the same thing but for uk readers that would be much appreciated. thanks

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