Overclocking A Linksys NSLU2


[Roo] seems to think we’ve been neglecting the NSLU2 or “slug”. It’s true we have spent a lot of time fawning over the Linksys WRT54G instead. The slug is definitely worthy of attention though. It is a small network appliance with two USB ports that you are supposed to attach disk drives to for simple network storage. Add a little custom firmware and you’re free to use the USB ports for whatever you want.

The XScale processor in the slug comes underclocked from the factory. Following the instructions on the NSLU2-Linux wiki you can pop one resistor off of the circuit board to restore the full 266Mhz. Benchmarks, temperature, and power consumption after the change are covered.

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Hackaday Links

If you’re a Mac user you might want to check out our friend C.K.’s experience with the slug. He’s got links to some other good resources.

I’m surprised how many times the 200Gb Nano got submitted when it has photo credits like: “Photoshopped from ArsTechnica. Remove if sued.

I got a new toy in the mail yesterday. My eyes have never been happier. I used this coupon (expires 10/6).

Yes, there is a fake PSP patcher out there. [tomskag]

[dangel] says he has a better AJAX chat system. It doesn’t work for me at all.

[Sp3cial Person] made a Hack-A-Day EvoX skin.

Bit-tech got a first hand look at a High Dynamic Range monitor. [thanks Geoff]

[tX] put together a Java API search as both a web form and konfabulator widget.

A new version of SyncTunes has been released. You can use it to sync your non-iPod music players with Mac iTunes. [Quafboy]

[drasko]’s eBay – Google maps mashup Good for finding items close to you that would be expensive to ship.

[razor]’s Ultimate iPod dock features far too many toothpicks for my taste.

The tip line

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