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If you’re a Mac user you might want to check out our friend C.K.’s experience with the slug. He’s got links to some other good resources.

I’m surprised how many times the 200Gb Nano got submitted when it has photo credits like: “Photoshopped from ArsTechnica. Remove if sued.

I got a new toy in the mail yesterday. My eyes have never been happier. I used this coupon (expires 10/6).

Yes, there is a fake PSP patcher out there. [tomskag]

[dangel] says he has a better AJAX chat system. It doesn’t work for me at all.

[Sp3cial Person] made a Hack-A-Day EvoX skin.

Bit-tech got a first hand look at a High Dynamic Range monitor. [thanks Geoff]

[tX] put together a Java API search as both a web form and konfabulator widget.

A new version of SyncTunes has been released. You can use it to sync your non-iPod music players with Mac iTunes. [Quafboy]

[drasko]’s eBay – Google maps mashup Good for finding items close to you that would be expensive to ship.

[razor]’s Ultimate iPod dock features far too many toothpicks for my taste.

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17 thoughts on “Hackaday Links

  1. Incredible as it may seem some “important” news site in Brazil published the link to the “200gb nano hack” as if it was real.

    The link is http://tecnologia.terra.com.br/interna/0,,OI695463-EI4799,00.html

    It is in portuguese but the guy that published the article said something like “The major problem to be solved by those who try make this upgrade is related to the battery. According to the authors of the project the battery lifetime is affected by the enormous increase of the storage”.
    Tsk tsk.. I emailed them back demanding the publishing a correction…

  2. Congrats on your new baby – I have its smaller sibling the 2005FPW – It’s been pretty solid thus far. I love having the 4 USB ports on the monitor really keeps clutter and rear-port diving down to a minimal.

  3. believe it or not, but I think that “200gb iPod Nano Hack” could actually be achieved. The 4 gb flash part is a CompactFlash on a chip, right? And CF cards use ATA, so with some careful planning, you might actually be able to attach an ATA HDD to the Nano. Getting the software to realise this might be another story… I could also be _completely_ wrong.

  4. i have been seeing way to many links in hackaday go down due to bandwidth restrictions umm i would like to address this situation by reccomending the coral distributed networks being used in cases where we would get hackaday.com’d just add .nyud.net:8090 after the sites .com (or w/e) and there would be a major load off the networks back allowing us hackaday’ers to continue to enjoy links that we normally would have to be on like a kid to a cupcake

  5. BUT! it _should_ (not sure that it actually is :D ) be possible to create a chip that replaces the flash memory and then connects to a HD via ATA, translating the read commands from the ipod to read commands for the HD… One helluva lot of work and probably 1. the ipod firmware wont read more than 4 GB anyway and 2. it’ll be slooooooow.

    Would be a kickass hack though!

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