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FIVE teams have completed the Grand Challenge 2005. Only four were able to get through the 131.6 mile course in the 10 hours needed to claim the prize. The fastest was Stanford’s “Stanley” at 6:53:58.

NASA is testing an unmanned sailplane that will turn off its engine once it has found a thermal.

[sprocket] documents the disassembly of the Roboraptor. UPDATE: This is [Sprocket]’s site. The other link was the inspiration.

The XBox 360s that were featured in all of those lewd photographs were apparently stolen property. I was looking for those pics the other day because I’ve decided I need to buy a 360 (you know

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  1. darpa grand challenge rocks. Does anyone else follow it like a sport? I was checking the official boards all of yesterday. with 5 robots finishing this year I wonder if they’ll have it again next year. terramax’s site really seems to push the fact that they’re using the same trucks the us military has in service today. glad they finished, but even in the qualifying they were slow as hell.

  2. etch-a-sketch as testbed for CNC…now why didn’t i think of that? instead of taping on new paper, or putting in another piece of mdf, just shake! i looked into emc a long time ago, the machines i was using weren’t really powerful enough to run it. i ended up going with turbocnc (http://www.dakeng.com/turbo.html). i’ve met the developer and he’s pretty cool, you can use the program totally free and you can buy the sourcecode if you want to hack it. i did build a cnc machine based on a cross vise and some surplus steppers: http://www.macetech.com/images/CNCMILL.JPG

    anyone else think newtechinc is kind of being…well, to put it lightly, immature? i haven’t visited his blog and certainly don’t plan to in the future.

  3. I liked the “dancing bug thingy” so much I decided to make one of my own. I used parts from an old paintball hopper (Zap Mach 404), and for a casing I used an old three button mechanical mouse (seemed appropriate given how it scurries around). Only difference is mine is sensitive to vibration, so it moves when you hit it or make a loud noise.

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