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FIVE teams have completed the Grand Challenge 2005. Only four were able to get through the 131.6 mile course in the 10 hours needed to claim the prize. The fastest was Stanford’s “Stanley” at 6:53:58.

NASA is testing an unmanned sailplane that will turn off its engine once it has found a thermal.

[sprocket] documents the disassembly of the Roboraptor. UPDATE: This is [Sprocket]’s site. The other link was the inspiration.

The XBox 360s that were featured in all of those lewd photographs were apparently stolen property. I was looking for those pics the other day because I’ve decided I need to buy a 360 (you know

Weather Satellite Station

sat image

This page describes one group’s experience setting up a receiving station for NOAA weather satellites. To receive the images you first need to track the satellite you want to receive from. After tuning your receiver to the satellite’s frequency you can record the audible data stream using your sound card. You can decode this data either real-time or later. They went through several system iterations using both free and commercial tools.

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