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There was an Engadget post today about Motorola IMFrees that are free after rebate. From the IMFree hacking forum it appears that the project is still in pre-alpha.

Hack-A-Day isn’t hiring. Weblogs, Inc. is. They’re hiring for a new geek blog: “old skool geek as in comic book/sci-fi/D&D genre geeks”.

MAKE:Blog featured the Travel Tinker Trouble Kit that a lot of sites picked up. Julian has added a couple followup posts since then: one, two. I think a good companion to this would be the Altoids survival kit. [The Mark]

[Robogeek] continues to work on his LED bed design improvements.

[combustible] and his buddy Ken built this vodka filtering rig using four filter stages. The system is pressurized to 120psi. It took about 30 minutes to filter a 1.75 of vodka, but that was because the chilled vodka froze the latent water in the filters.

[JaSon] said that security took away their office’s “unapproved appliances” i.e. microwaves, toasters, etc. He’s looking for some rack mount projects that make these items look more official. Probably something a little more discrete than the 3U wine rack [jesse] found.

[Paul Stamatiou] has posted “Part 3: Azureus Anonymity” or “How to abuse the Tor network” DO NOT DO THIS Read the comments for suggestions that don’t involve hoarding bandwidth used to protect peoples lives.

[laughing man] didn’t like the low volume of his PSP headphones so he removed the resistors.

For those who hate traveling outside you could build a Surroundings Defense System. [Jon]

[Ian Nott] made an iPod video foldy to help people cope while waiting for delivery.

This is how I roll Darn this t-shirt addiction [via Waxy] UPDATE: I just saw BoingBoing’s post about someone hooking up their PS2 controller to an oscillating fan to complete the 10^6 rose level on Katamari. Go look at the screen shots so you don’t have to do it yourself.

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21 thoughts on “Hackaday Links

  1. The led bed guy, if your reading this, you seem like you know what your doing quite well, I like the design. But, why don’t you use RGB leds? The source and aim of the lights is much better, and they’re cheap enough now that the 3 seperate led design is useless.


    there is a data sheet thing for one… let me know if anyone who has used these has a good reason not to use them in a project like this.


  2. i found an error on the ipod foldy!!! on the all the way right side of the image, the pic of the side is backwards, so when you make it, the right side is upside down. its really quit good tho, many kudos to thee creator

  3. about the Azureus Anonimity-link, I posted a comment too which has to be checked for moderation (it said)… anyways, at the WTH-conference I asked Roger Dingledine, the Tor project leader, how he would feel about the Tor-network being used for P2P…

    info about the lecture (one of three at WTH):

    and I took a soundbite where he answers the question:

    I really don’t see the point why this how-to is posted by this guy, really not… Everyone with some knowledge knows this is possible… He only puts everybody on to this idea, and I really hope for him this isn’t gonna kill the Tor-network, but I’m afraid it will… And he can excuse whatever he wants saying it’s for informational purposes only (in the comments), he starts off, saying ‘My goal for this article is to have your Azureus installation running on the Tor anonymizing overlay network for TCP.’ …well, imho he should’ve thought twice about that and maybe inform himself what Tor is about.

  4. Please, don’t use the tor network. It slows the rest of us down to a crawl, while being slow itself. Besides, setting up a proxy just to use it is kind of a pain, though not too much so.

    Azureus has built-in settings for trackerless downloading/seeding, and with a couple of adjustments it works just fine on it’s own. Use that, not tor.

  5. I know after showing that Altoids can thingy that hack-a-day will some gangsta contest to see who can make the most usefulness out of one of those cans(excluding the mp3 player and portable amp)… I wanna make something right now.. HHHHMMMMMMMMMM…

  6. Thanks for the link tired2. Just didn’t think of the 3 color LED because all i have seen is the surface mount versions. I’ll draw up a quick PCB with the tri-color one you gave me a link two, also with a cool way for the connector with a ribbon cable and IDC connector.

    remember I do not plan to build one i have just had some spare time and wanted to give some stuff out there for people to think about. and if anybody needs gerber files or an exact bill of material list i will give them out.

  7. I’m not even an iPodder, but that foldy was great! Very clever!
    Put one on every desk at work! hehehe

    I carry a mobile tool assortment as well for impromptu adventures, but the one listed gave me some more ideas, so that’s great.
    (Having a lockpick set on you can lead to some pointed questions from law enforcement nowadays however, which is an adventure I can do without.)

  8. Could someone put together a nice divx/xvid/etc video to ipod video format guide for windows? I’m quite clueless as to what programs to use and what encoding parameters the ipod will play back.

  9. I remember doing something like that Altoids survival kit back when I was in Boy Scouts, except I remember using metal coffee and Band-Aid tins. That Altoids one looks a lot sweeter though and none of my survival kits had a built in hack saw.

  10. one more thing about this azureus anonymous-link. This guy moderates the comments, his CMS says 15 comments while there are only 12 showing… one of the moderated comments there is mine and it was hardly a flame (it’s more or less the same I put here as comment #5) ;-) So, he censors commenters he doesn’t like and tries to kill an anonymity-network for some fame… nice going… geez…

    (btw, check his about… for instance ‘Collectively from all the forums I post on, I have a post count of over 3,000.’ uh? omg)

  11. I LOVE the moron who built the vodka filter. Look at the images and all the silicone and other sealant everywhere. He says the silicone says non-toxic. It IS toxic. Non-toxic for external use….add pressure and alcohol and ingest it and you are going to die! Slowly. I work in the food industry (as a chemist…not a fry jocky)…FOOD GRADE SILICONE.

    Try adding a blob of that silicone to your fish tank. The fish will die! Use food grade silicone and they will not.

    Read all about his experiment quickly, because he won;t be around to pay his hosting fees.

    I will mention the fact that it blew up once was cool.

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