Pioneer DJM-707 Transform Switch Mod


The transform switch on a mixer is used to turn ON and OFF individual channels. The toggle switches used in the DJM-707 are three position switches, but their plastic caps limit them to only two positions. [Sp4rk] removed the switches from the unit, wired the other off position, and trimmed the cap. After this modification the switches have an OFF-ON-OFF motion. Here’s an MP3 of Sp4rk scratching with the new modification and a Coral cache of the transform modification.

31 thoughts on “Pioneer DJM-707 Transform Switch Mod

  1. sound’s like it’d be a pretty easy hack…but hey, that means it’s one I could actually do!

    And just to join the ‘hack snobbery’ discussion:
    All posts saying ‘hack [insert hack here] sucks’ should be encrypted, shredded, deleted, and defragged immediatly. And then the poster should be shot. In the foot and hands. Several times. Then left in the middle of the woods to die a slow and painful death.

  2. i retract my rude comment about this hack. apparently plenty of djs are able to get away from the decks to get on hackaday. my apologies.

    and to th0mas–get some new material. we all hate “first post”ers but i had a comment (albeit a stupid one) in addition to my “first post” line. where’s your useful comment?

    turntablists-click my name for a link to a sweet gear info site. all you’d care to know.


    1. To Rasbill : If he is indeed Qbert, believe me the “chump” does it easily with his fader … And so much more !!! Get to know the people before to be insolting.

  3. If qbert is the qbert I’m thinking of, this guy is the god of DJs. All respect is due. If not, he needs a life.

    But pardon the question, wtf do you need a off-on-off switch for? What purpose does having to positions to turn off the same channel do?

  4. i guess that makes me #3. nice hack sp4rk.

    qbert, you’re right – the fader is the real deal, but damn, i just can’t crab. it’s pretty cool to have an easy hack that lets armchair turntablists like me participate :) and hell, switch cheating does sound slick.

    call me gullible, but am i the only one who’s just a little bit curious if this is a real skratch pikl reading hackaday? i want to believe.

  5. I’m ok with this hack, but ti seams like common sense. I mean, changing a toggle switch… wow. I can see how this is useful to some people, but I would like to see it in conjunction with something else useful to a wider audience, even if it’s just a link or two.

  6. it’s just sweet getting the attention of a fresh audience. dj’s and other audiophiles have lots of cool electronic equipment, and probably their own “hacks”.

    bring on the home-brew mix tapes! :)

  7. There’s alot of mixer/turntable mods available on the asisphonics website. This Toggle switch stuff is nothing new. Frankly, I find DJs that say this kind of stuff is “cheating” is ridiculous. You got fader curves that are steeper then a canyon, you got straight arms that never skip, you got caig lube all over your non-contact anyways cross-fader, and some guy alters a toggle switch and everyone is up in arms. Frankly, if you want to be a purist about scratching, then go ahead and rock out on a 19 inch rack mixer with a fader that you had to push with two hands. Chumps.

  8. Sorry to disappoint you about your ‘fresh audience’, but hackers who are into scratching have probably been using this site alot longer than you have. So have DJs that are into electronics mods.

    But seriously, anyone who would not know who qbert is, then insult him, then correct him on djing, that person is not only a huge dumbass idiot, but i guarantee you knows absolutely nada about scratching. -all- scratch djs, even wanabe djs, know who qbert is. you know how in every group, there is always some dick who is a know it all in all subjects, and really dont know shit? that’s rasbill.

    either thats the real emergency scratcher or someones trying really hard to impersonate him;
    his hotlink goes directly to the thudrumble site. This mod would be great if it worked on a lot more mixers. one reason alot of people arent into scratching is because its so hard to do well. alot of people give up on it. a triple quick cut mod like that would give beginers a valuable weapon for their small arsenal, thereby(theoretically) getting more people into the art/sport.

  9. Even DJ Qbert can be open to criticism. If you want to treat him like a god, that’s your wish, but frankly, that doesn’t elevate the artform. Buy his one CD album that he put out years ago (and hasn’t since) or one of over 10 product endorsements he’s got, and financially keep him in the game to skratch on Hawaii beaches and the occasional 30 minute-set ($500/minute) engagement. He continues to mystify people, including me, who started out scratching over 5 years ago because I heard “Demolition Pumpkin Squeeze Musik” but to say scratching is hard is obvious, to say that skills AND TECHNOLOGY didn’t give you that triple click is stupid. To be a legend in the game and care about what some guy says on HACKADAY should be nothing new to you AND to think it’s the real-deal person because he links to Thud Rumble?!?!? Well, let’s just say, “can I sell you some blessed dirt?” When I watch someone do this mod scratch or jump on a Samurai mixer and make all my hard work look easy, I do feel a bit cheated, at first, but it elevates me to take it to another level.

  10. shithead: My constructive comment was twofold: firstly, people who contain the phrase “first post” in comments usually have nothing constructive to say. Like your comment. You bitched about “no dj hacks” and even you went ahead and retracted it for being stupid.

    Secondly that I appreciated the hack, hence the “one of the 3 people” tailing comment.

    So fuck off.

  11. I realised this when I took the cap off.
    But, it’s true you can get the effect anyway from the line-in switch and by rocking the effect switch Lock-on/off/on.

    What I was really trying to do was eliminate the stiffness of the switches.

  12. Okayy..tried this.
    When you get the transform switch out of there you can ‘lube it up’….sorry that sounds disgusting,
    and if you put small pieces of electrical tape layered into little blocks under the contact point either side of the switch..
    you shorten the cut-in distance.
    Better for transforming, now.

  13. so ive read all this and followed the link on qberts post and if it is the real qbert all respect is due but i have also seen u use the “switches” to transform especially on the shdj1200 as well as mix master mike so maybe its better to say real djs like u guys dont “need” to use this and can do it all with faders?

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