D’Groove Force Feedback Turntable


Timothy Wisdom’s D’Groove is a digital haptic force feedback turntable. D’Groove takes digital music control further than products like FinalScratch. The platter has four divisions marked on it;  each line represents one beat in a measure. Every time the record makes a full rotation it plays a full measure. The force feedback allows you to actually feel where the beats are.

The Q-Slider represents where in the song you are. As the song progresses, the slider moves to match. If you grab the handle it’s like picking up the record needle. Sliding the handle you can feel the intensity of the track. There are a lot of other features and possibilities that I haven’t covered. Check out the video on the site to see it in action.

15 thoughts on “D’Groove Force Feedback Turntable

  1. What’s vinyl? Is that the new uncompliant invention as a predecessor like HD-DVD etc.? How much Gb or Tb goes on such medium and has it the same crappy DRM-stuff Sony is trying to put on us?

    (Being a troll, just for the weekend)

    – Unomi –

  2. OK, it’s a dense site and I haven’t slogged through it all yet, but I just had to point out the irony in beat-matching with this troublesome quote:

    “We assume that all songs played on D’Groove will have a constant tempo and will follow a 4/4 musical timing structure.”

    Otherwise, I’m all for haptic interfaces and I really respect the skillz of many DJs. As a visualist, I’m a little bitter over the extent of the props and support DJs receive over us, but that doesn’t mean that we’re not both artists. Anyway, I hope DJs realize this project is a way to introduce more people to their craft and can contribute to their appreciation of it. In addition to a learning aid, I’m excited about what already skilled DJs can push this project to create.

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