SNES Super FX Overclocking


marshallh from the forums has managed to overclock a Super FX chip. The Super FX was an extra graphics processor included in some Super Nintendo games. Using this chip, games like Star Fox were able to handle polygons and intensive sprite scaling. marshallh removed the 21.4Mhz ceramic resonator from a Vortex cartridge and replaced it with a 24Mhz oscillator and a couple caps. The result is a smoother frame rate and minimal slow down with multiple enemies.

[thanks vb_master]

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  1. Hi all,

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  2. Seriously – post an indirect link, don’t just copy the content from Hackaday. So DIGGers don’t like indirect links, so what? Their outrage at an indirect link doesn’t excuse you for violating the Hackaday submitter’s copyright. If you want to give the DIGGers a direct link to the article, then write your own summary.

    If posting to DIGG is such a big part of your life, learn to do it correctly.

    As for the SuperFX chip overclock – that seriously rocks. I can’t wait to dig my snes out of storage and see if this can be duplicated on a Starfox cartridge.

  3. Interesting concept, however, I have since one upped that! I have overclocked the FX chip in “Dirt Trax FX” from the traditional 21.4 MHz to 40 MHz… Imagine that! Works great too. For pics e-mail me at ( By the way, Super NES rox!

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