Hack-A-Day Extra

xbox front

I posted the first part of my Xbox 360 iPod dock build on Engadget yesterday. Unfortunately commenting was still off when it went up due to maintenance so I haven’t gotten any feedback yet. Just three Digg stories that aren’t going anywhere.

The response to my job posting has been pretty incredible. I was only expecting to to get one qualified person but this decision is going to end up being really tough.

Team Hack-A-Day has completed another million points bringing the total up to 7M. We’ve also managed to shake loose our previous overtake threats. Spotted on the forum: [omniboggle]’s vertical rackmount case, [PocketLnt]’s THaD flash intro.

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Gameboy Linked Hardware Sequencer


Thanks to Create Digital Music for pointing me to the awesome work of Gijs Geikes. This is his latest sequencer creation. It is designed to get its clock signal from Little Sound Dj running on a Gameboy. The sequencer controls plugin modules that are attached to a parallel port. Here’s a great sample of the output. He’s got schematics on his site, which are easy to comprehend when compared to his bizarro board etching. One of the plugins is an earlier project: The Tape Sequencer. Have a listen to that too.

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