Magellan EXplorist Upgrade


This Russian site has all the details needed to upload new maps to a Magellan eXplorist 300, 200, or 100. Inside the battery case are four pads that can be used for serial communication. You will have to use a MAX232 to shift the voltage levels. Since this occupies the battery space you’ll need to provide power as well. This can be tapped from a USB port. Once the cable is built you can download waypoints using OziExplorer.

[thanks Chris, Cary for corretion]

9 thoughts on “Magellan EXplorist Upgrade

  1. Oziexplorer can be used to download tracks, waypoints and points-of-interest only. You can’t upload or download any maps with it unfortunately. It says this pretty clearly on the Oziexplorer website.

  2. So the site contains malicious javascript (So says my AVG) and it’s pretty useless overall. Seriously? All they’re really telling you is how to create a max232 circuit, to use a voltage regulator(3.3v), and to use OziExplorer.

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