Open Source Motor Controller

The OSMC project was started in 1998 to provide a high quality H-bridge speed control to hobbyists and professionals. The original design was intended to be used by people who were building Battle Bots and other competition robots, but the line has expanded since then. The project embraces the open source spirit by making the plans freely available and encouraging modification. This is the same controller that Trevor Blackwell used in his Electric Unicycle.

[thanks monster]

7 thoughts on “Open Source Motor Controller

  1. thats the scorpion xl in the pic. the osmc has a fan mounted to cool the mosfets and can handle 8kw of power!

    the HIP4081a uses pwm to run the mosfets. i know of a cheap pwm generator at that takes a resistance from a potentiometer and then turns it into pwm (there are resistors on either side of the main pot that can adjust how high and low the maximums can go)

  2. I’ve been involved in Battle Bots for a few years and finding money isn’t easy, so using something like this instead of a $150 motor controller is great. I doubt, however, that our team would use this since last year we had quite a bit of trouble building a simple voltage regulator. Cool find.

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