Bluetooth Playstation Controller For Axim PDA


Reader [Jakeh] wanted a Bluetooth based game controller for his Axim. Unfortunately, the only commercial option didn’t fit very well. He decided to chop up the Bluetooth controller and wire it into an original Playstation controller. Wiring was slightly annoying because half the buttons in the Bluetooth controller don’t have a common ground. The final touch was modifying two mechanical pencils to provide clamping pressure on the outside of the PDA. Here’s [Jakeh]’s original post about the project and his Flickr photo set.

14 thoughts on “Bluetooth Playstation Controller For Axim PDA

  1. Oh man that is slick.

    I can remember playing on my iPaq 3650 with an NES emulator and having to tap the screen for run and jump. This takes gaming on a pda to a whole new level. The fold up commercial was just a cheap knock off of a PS2 contoller. This is what it should have been all along.

    BTW. Props on the adjustable size.

  2. Dear Brandon Mongillo and all commenters,

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  3. hal, I remember the good ol’ days with emulation on a 3650. I actually ended up getting a gamepad (wired, of course) shipped from Japan so I could play NES and SNES games decently.

    Coincidently, I now also have an Axim x50v. I’m content with using my Bluetooth keyboard though, as I don’t have the money to buy a Bluetooth gamepad to hack up.

  4. uhm.. yay? its cool an all but not really that impressive. just a casemod. plus it doesnt help the people that cant afford that stupid controller to begin with (70$ wtf) if he had built a bluetooth controller from scratch i would be more impressed. but i will admit it looks A HELL OF A LOT bet than the original. good job

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