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This story as appeared many different places [via Music thing], but I wanted to make sure you guys didn’t miss out on the fun. sCrAmBlEd? HaCkZ! by Sven K? is an amazing piece of video remixing software. It’s built using C++, Python and PureData. It takes music videos, chops them up by beats and indexes the samples by sound signature in a database. You then beatbox into a microphone to describe the music you want to hear. The software builds the music you want out of the sample database. Sven has put together an excellent video that describes the program and has example performances. It’s a must watch. Get it either directly from his site or watch it on YouTube.

29 thoughts on “SCrAmBlEd? HaCkZ!

  1. I can’t wait to find it avaliable for download… Coolest TOY around now…. Wut if you record yourself talking and then repeat the same line???? I already have thousands of ideas….

  2. Very interesting! I love the video he put together explaining how it works. Just trying to read about it was very unclear to me. Even if you don’t like the end music, the video effects he used explaining the system were cute by themselves.

    I wonder if a similar idea could be applied to the MOD music tracking scene. Maybe this could be a new, easy to use, user interface for future trackers?

  3. Absolutely amazing!

    Turning this into a speech synth would be brilliant. You could record plenty of samples of a friend talking to create a huge DB and then you can talk into it and it will be just like him!


  4. According to the video, it seems to be a 5d algorithim, but you didnt see him make the cloud in the 5th dimension.. although you arguably did see him make it in the 4th. But yes, smart man.

  5. The concept is super-cool, but the “music” that they show the DJ’s “mixing” in the latter half of the video has got to be the worst thing I have ever heard in my life.

    If I was at a club or something and that crap was playing, I would leave immediatly!

  6. Yeah u r right….towards the ending the music didn’t make much sense… but on the demo adamsky and seal sounded pretty cool… Anyways i still can’t wait to test it myself… and hopefully it will be out soon…

  7. wow, this is… amazing!!! i can’t wait till the software is released. i have been wondering if something like this existed since elementary school. this is truly awesome, and the end music sounds great. this guy is a genius!

  8. It sounds like he is using a kohonen SOM to me, that should be fast enough, too. Anyone know if this is right?

    Also, I think he said it was each snippet has 5 vectors, each of which are up to 192-dimensional.

    Anyway, a top quality program!

  9. This is absolutly the coolest thing ive ever seen. Cant wait to get my hands on it and put it threw the paces. Why stop at music videos, movies, work out videos, PORN lol. The possiblities are endless.

  10. @20:

    If you code, just imagine 5 arrays that are 192 items long. At a guess, he is using 5 time-slices and 192 frequency samples.

    Basically, a kohonen map is presented with a vector (or series of) and it moves any points that are close to it even closer.

    See this page for more info, it is quite simple to understand when you can see it working.

    Now, this is in 2D, which is easy to see. You can see how this would easily extend to 3D. To get to 192 D just requires changing a variable, it is impossible to fathom how it looks, but the maths works just the same.

    Its quite simple to code, but to get it working well enough and fast enough for this purpose is excellent.

  11. #23,

    I think you very well might be right. I actually nearly used those self organizing maps to create a similar system but using images, where inputed data gets stored in such a data cloud, and then “memories” are invoked by presenting data and having it respond with its closest match (which it “decides” are best according to patterns which have emerged so far) . . . fun stuff

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