Commercial-grade TIG Welder

tig welder

I use the qualifier “commercial-grade” here because this TIG welder project goes far beyond our junkyard TIG welder. The welder has a 180 amp capacity and has most (if not all) of the features of a modern welder. Instead of using a microprocessor, Dave Barrett decided to use discrete TTL and CMOS logic. That decision should make the design a lot easier to troubleshoot. Schematics and board layouts are on his site.

[UPDATE: I forgot to thank demmion for the tip]

7 thoughts on “Commercial-grade TIG Welder

  1. I think I saw this site a couple years ago.

    And the guy is still working on it!

    for the time and effort it would be better to just drop the $3000 on a real tig welder.

    I bet this thing cost 10 times that much, including the time.

  2. I’am gathering parts for this welder project also. Would like to talk with others interested in this tig design. Just about finished assembling the bridge rectifier._i was able to find some huge diodes..

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