Xbox 360 Water Cooling Tutorial


One of the most amazing things about the Xbox 360 isn’t the graphics or the high price; it’s how much heat the thing puts out. Hot air pours out of the machine and I’ve often considered turning mine into and Easy-Bake convection oven. People have been modifying the boxes since their initial release and xboxexpert, on xbox-scene, decided to put together a guide to help out anyone seeking to watercool their Xbox 360. From the text it sounds like he didn’t even play the thing once he got it from the store, the first thing he did was pull it apart. His setup uses Coolance GPU water blocks and a Thermaltake cooling system powered from the DVD drive 12V line.

23 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Water Cooling Tutorial

  1. i think its pointless to watercool it, why? im sure it doesnt overheat and lock up as long as its got plenty of air. Why waste the time? Lets watercool the tv and the radio, and watercool my ipod dumb

  2. Very stupid… and 300 bucks for a koolance waterblock and thermal take???

    A custom setup would cost around 250 MAX… and since he left his xbox looking like sh!t, would have gotten better performance with apogee + MCW655 with dual rads. Much better performance and price…

    This guy is an idiot, and anyone who thinks that “mod” is cool, is a complete moron

  3. I’m sure that those of you who chose to slam this mod for being useless could find many other mods and hacks on this site that you *could* call useless for all the same reasons.

    Hacking and modding shouldn’t be limited by what is and is not useful, but rather by what is and is not possible.

    Your cynical comments, imho, hurt the very spirit of the matter.

  4. Man, this mod is wicked!
    You’ve made us proud. Also you gotta have some balls to thrash a XBOX360 like that! Too bad it’s a little steep to put that thing together, or else i’m sure a lot of those critics would STFU.

    Good job!

  5. IF it’s not done, then hack a day should not post it.

    STill, the quality of work is really sh!tty. I mean, the holes drilled… the alignment and it really looks like the waterblock is going to crush the cores…

    This is utterly useless…. PC watercool for quiet overclocking…. and the Xbox can neither be overclocked or is it loud.

    VERY stupid, idiotic and again, 300 bucks?!?! IDI0TIC if you ask me when the koolance blocks you use are very bad performing… so no overclocking here…

  6. I’m on my second 360 because the first one FRIED, even with an intercooler on it. The 360 is a 4 core heater (3cpu 1 gpu) quite capable of heating a small apt all by itself. I spent 50 bucks on a replacement plan for my first 360, but I’m not going to waste anymore money on stupid servie plans, when I could keep the dang thing from overheating in the first place. I have an Elite now, but as soon as it’s out of warranty I’m going to water cool it, cause there’s no sense in the inadequate cooling it has to begin with. I’ve watercooled 2 of my 3 pc’s, and would watercool the 360 right now if it didn’t void my warranty. And seriously unless the 360 is going to stay put, then leave it as stock cooling. IMO if you’re moving your 360 around all the time, then your just asking for problems, even with stock cooling. I clean out my pc’s about every 6 mo’s, and they don’t get anywhere near the runtime that my 360 gets, and they’re absolutly caked with dust before I clean them. any heatsink should be cleaned frequently, and if it’s external, you can just use some compressed air, and never open the dang thing again.

  7. I love finding these old posts where you see so much badmouthing over a hack being “useless” and how “microsoft would have added a couple of extra fans if cooling were a problem” when a system is first released. Then after a year or two and the known issues come out of the woodwork… well, how’s it feel now to have been proven absolutely 100% wrong guys? This actually just saved my 360. Just goes to show that the ones that want to complain because someone does something different are showed the error of their ways in the end.

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