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  1. Steve Preece: Wow, are you really that dense? The iPod is a PORTABLE device. If you don’t have a computer nearby, but would like to charge your dying iPod, this (or many other battery packs people have made) is for you.

  2. I have found that the TSA does not like you bringing homebrew ipod chargers or headphone splitters/amps onto planes. I had one of each taken away at O’Hare airport. I made some more in a more professional looking case. maybe use the powder coat gun from yesterday….

  3. i got this soda can right, only its not a soda can, you unscrew the bottom and then you put your valuables in it then you put it in your fridge. then if someone comes to rob you – they will never know. i’m trying to think of why the hell you would need to put pretty buch the same ipod charger into any and everything you can fit it in. the ipod charger hombrew with batteries and all is a good hack, but who wants to see how many things you can fit it in? not me

  4. To compare the capacities of two batteries of differing voltages you multiply the mAh rating by the voltage to get the rating in milli-Watt hours. Like so:

    700mAh * 9 = 6300mWh
    1200mAh * 1.5 = 1800mWh
    2700mAh * 1.5 = 4050mWh

    In this case the 9v battery has a greater amount of energy stored in it.

  5. God damm it steve, how about you shut the hell up. Saying how useless something is and then adding “nice hack anyway” does not making it ok. It’s been allmost and week and you still refuse to shut the hell up.

  6. No steve, yankees aren’t all rude. Just impatient with foolish, repetitive people.

    Anyhoo.. Sijosae is an artist as far as I’m concerned (and a very nice fellow as well!), some of his tight wiring could be shown in galleries. (Or geek-eries I suppose :) ) A real inspiration to the rest of us.

    Billiam & Annie:
    As for that particular amp… It looks like it is the next step in multi-hybrid evolution. (MHAA) I’ve been out of the DIY headphone circuit (pun intended) for a while so I don’t know where to find the specific schematic… but check out the forums on headwize.com, last I checked he hung out there a fair amount and has probably posted a schematic. I doubt there is a step by step out there, but sijosae tends to provide a layout guide that helps a lot. Good luck!

  7. @ Pleiades
    That may be true, but it doesn’t really apply for ipod charging because ipods use a linear regulator (as opposed to a switching regulator/boost converter) so any voltage you give it above the minimum voltage it will charge with (5v for the usb ones) is just wasted as heat. So a 0.7A/hr 10v pack will charge only about 1/2 as much as a 1.4A/hr 5v pack, despite the fact that there is the same amount of energy stored in the battery.

  8. hey anyone know if pin 18 on the ipod connector is bidirectional, and connected directly to the ipod’s internal battery?


    because then you could have an external single-cell lithium ion battery (3.3v) in parallel with the internal one, and build a lithium charger circuit to charge both, without any voltage regulator. that would be the best efficiency one could get, without totally botching up the ipod’s case to run wires yourself.

  9. that’s pretty rude, you didn’t have to put down his project, you coulda said “also check out the links on his page”. hey check out this better site: digg.com

  10. These are all really impressive. But I must say is what I would love to see is someone to come up with an extension connector for the Ipod. I ran into a problem where many Ipod accessories wont work with my Ipod because the protective case prohibits being able to fully plug things into it. If anyone ever comes up with one I would love to have one or two.

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