Scrounged Coffee Roaster

uglyroast coffee roaster

I’ve been known to modify an innocent kitchen appliance or two, but Derek Bradford has me beat. Derek is on the third iteration of his ‘uglyroast‘ coffee roaster. Since the nearest Home Depot is a continent away, he’s limited to simple parts and tools. The beans are heated with a gas stove. The second version used an electric fan and a camp stove. The latest one has a dedicated motor and sits over a gas range.

26 thoughts on “Scrounged Coffee Roaster

  1. well ithink this is perfect for hackaday as your all nuts .imean coffe roaster .these are kichen appliances for the ladys not for big buch men come on hackaday lets have some hacks these are not hacks at this rate i may bann myself from hackaday its getting so basic . next pls

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  4. oh come on guys you all know steve attempts the hacks. and he complains about the ones he cant do. which just so happens to be all of them.

    also love the site. elliot. ive been reading in the shadows for quite some time now :P.

  5. THey say that to understand someone, you have to walk a mile in his shoes.

    I think the solution, then, is for all of us to become steve. “In a world of steves, only one man had the courage to be steve”

    Now, let me take a little jump back onto topic: Welcome aboard, will. Great first post, whether the other steves liked it or not. True makers read stuff like this to see how people overcome challenges in their projects. They see maybe one more skill they can learn in a howto, one more tool they can use. If you only read hack-a-day because you want someone to hand-hold you, you want simplified instructions a toddler could follow, then you will find hack-a-day is not your kind of place. I dub thee “script kiddee”. Get off my lawn.

  6. Okay Maker I can almost handle. Just so long as it is only said rarely. (Unlike its sickening over-useage in a certain blog which will remain nameless)… but if someone calls us crafters, I don’t care I’m leaving!

    We’re equipment hackers here. Which means… um… we are like Makers but… um… geekier and thus superior. Or something like that.

  7. For a start, coffee runs my world… If i didnt have coffee, I would probbably shrivel up and die, I drink the basic ground nescafe blend 43, and how I would kill for roasted coffee beans or even just propper coffee… I am male, I am masculine, and most computer geeksand I assume techies, hackers, whatever is pollitically correct for you guys enjoy a good coffee as much as I do…

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    Steve is dumb

  8. to fraggd some very intresting points there and i agree with everything you say iq is not always relative to inteligence so sorry to offend you seems there are some decent sorts on here after all buy the way industrial door fitting along time ago no longer on that frame of work you are right it is far to easy but then againe so are some of the projects on this site but never mind i understand what you are saying AND AGREE WITH YOU LOVE STEVE

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  11. “well ithink this is perfect for hackaday as your all nuts .imean coffe roaster .these are kichen appliances for the ladys not for big buch men come on hackaday lets have some hacks these are not hacks at this rate i may bann myself from hackaday its getting so basic . next pls”

    Yes.. please ban yourself from hackaday, the world would be better off then.

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