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I’m attending the funeral of my best friend’s father today. As a mechanical engineer, I always admired the man as an excellent machinist. What follows is a post I wrote last year about his gas powered blender. You’ll be sorely missed Mr. Frost.

My roommate Frosty has often joked about how many lawnmowers and weedeaters his dad has laying around. It seems that his dad has decided to take care of the clutter and I, for one, am scared. Yes my friends, a gas powered blender. It has been done before, but you’ve got to respect Greg’s scratch building prowess. Finally you can vaporize ice in mere seconds and with the way the handle bars are mounted it’s guaranteed to make the goofying process far more intimate than usual. By my count this means he still has four more engines in the garage; I don’t know what’s next, but god help us all.

gas powered blender

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  1. You could design a PC mod that uses the heat from the processor to hewat your poptarts. Add a lever on the side of the case that makes them pop up, if you really want to be spiffy.

  2. yes! now we can all benefit from the healthiness of smoothies at the next tailgate party. Of course this may be offset by the health risks of breathing exaust from a 2 stroke motor but hey you can’t have it all now can you?

  3. Troyfrew, according to the package poptarts take 3 whole seconds to heat up in the microwave. IS that too much for you? What about a box that could keep them warm/hot all the time….hmmmm

  4. and now for the low low price of 6 blended frogs and a nun you to can own your very own gas powered blender. Seriously though, who wouldn’t want one of these. I hate how hard it is to make margaritas in my cheap blender!

  5. and now for the low low price of 6 blended frogs and a nun you to can own your very own gas powered blender. Seriously though, who wouldn’t want one of these. I hate how hard it is to make margaritas in my cheap blender!

  6. Thanks for the kind words. My father always found the site interesting, though many times it was over his head. My father was a beer man, but he built the blender just because he could. Trust me this thing could vaporize just about any thing you put into it… including frogs.

  7. My condolences frosty… it looks like your father was a real craftsman.

    Anyway, wow! I would love to have one of these! It must have sounded like a jet engine when it was turned on though!

  8. Holy crap. That is cool just for its uselessness factor. I mean, who wouldn’t want to rev up their blender then throw whole apples / oranges in there. Maybe add a filtration system to take out the peels and you have a sweet juicemaker.

    Does anyone know how he did it?

  9. I’m sorry about your loss also, i too have been working on a few projects of my own, and i have my own case to do it on, 1 is a cheap cdrom drive modified for a heating coil and a stainless steel Teflon coated disc tray, all for bacon, the bacon drive. ill also work on mixing an old toaster with crumb tray into the comp, pop tarts insert sideways, this is gonna be cool, gotta go back to measuring n stuff.

  10. i like the bacon drive idea, and i think i will have to build one now… how ever i have never had the need for a gas-powered blender, it’s definetly something I would never have thought of. yet it’s still not a bad idea.

    As for the PC poptart toaster… wouldn’t work for me. instead i believe my pc mp could bake a turkey if I left the cover, it’s currently being used as a space heater, along side my daily hack-a-day browsing…

    R.I.P. Mr. Frost :(

  11. Tha handle is on backwards so you can (try to) hold the lid on with your chin, of course! Or to connect a straw so that awfull health shake you are making is instantly sent down your throat without you having to taste it. It also lets the blender take up slightly less space on the shelf.

  12. hmm, I remember a link (I think it was from here) for a large capacity margarita maker using a garbage disposal, PVC pipe and a drink cooler…perhaps a combination of the two hacks, removing the electric motor from the disposal and adding the weedeater motor…not only gas powered but enough to get a whole neighborhood plastered…hmmm.

    Only thing cooler would be to run it from one of those homebuilt gas turbines made from a truck turbocharger:)

  13. When I was 16 I made a lawn mower using the motor of an old blender attached to a model airplane propeller, a bent pipe and a broomstick, and it worked! Loud as an airplane, no blade protection at all and it shot out crushed grass 2 meters high that made me green after a few minutes using it – it was almost as dangerous as juggling chainsaws – maybe that’s even why I enjoyed it ;-). The blender is a cooler way to show off, though.

  14. My father passed away about two years ago as well. We’re still cleaning his workshop out and I’m finding all sorts of interesting stuff.

    My father wasn’t the type of guy to buy something if he could build it himself cheaper and better. As a result of his own tinkering, I have this wicked table saw with an (electric) motor from hell. Turn the thing on, the lights dim and the blade growls. Once the blade is up to speed, it sounds like one of the machines in Screamers. The blade is counterbalanced so it can come up as far as you want and there are absolutely no safety devices on it.

    Unfortunately, because it’s so damn big, I have to have it in pieces to fit in my storage room. :(

  15. This is weak. My friend Jonas Nash built an 8-foot-tall Blender of Death powered by a Volkswagen engine. It was originally designed to destroy art at Burning Man, but later he added a plastic lining to the pitcher so it could prepare drinks. I’ve seen it in action. He dumped in bags of whole fruit, several large bottles of liquor, ten or fifteen pounds of ice… man, that was a kickass NYE party. I don’t remember much after the blender was turned on, except for my girlfriend punching me in the face and our housemate shooting bottle rockets out of her cleavage.

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