[blip] let us know about this nice little project. The Alien DAC Project is basically a DIY USB sound card/interface. [Pictured is one built by cook on] It uses a TI PCM2702 at its core with some supporting chips for power regulation and virtual ground for the analog audio signal. It’s small and should do the job. If you’re really interesting in taking it to the next level, check out the DAC-3. It’s like the big mean older brother of the Alien DAC. That thing is rack mounted, has Optical, Coax and USB inputs.
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20 thoughts on “USB Alien DAC

  1. Really nice work!

    How would this compare to say, a Griffin iMic?

    They have dipped to 19.97 on clearance at my store and I get 10% off that to boot.
    I was thinking of picking one up to fiddle around with.

  2. The pcm2902/2906 from Ti is the same thing, except it also adds both analog and digital audio INPUTS without changing the circuit much. PCM2902 is 3v and 2906 is 5v. Just been told that the audio chip in it doesn’t work as nicely as the specs for the 2702, but audio input is great as well.

  3. Just wanted to let everyone know that I have confirmed that these will work with Linux… So all of us pengiuns out there don’t need to be left in the cold The group buy is still open I think so if you are interested, get involved before it is too late.

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