22 thoughts on “Cory Doctorow’s Keynote From ToorCon 8

  1. so like i dl’d the vid hoping to get rid of the stalling when i watched it streaming from the website cause it was giving me epileptic seizures, but for the life of me i can’t figure out which video codec it uses… i got the audio to play? maybe i smoked one too many doobies…

  2. hmm… seems that video playing in quicktime uses 97% of my cpu juice when it is playing at half normal size! (1.24 ghz/1.5 gig of ram/xp enterprise/newest version of quicktime from apple) i would love to see this presentation, but! the quality looks amazing though. i think the only way i could watch it is to burn it to a dvd and play it in my standalone dvd player, short of buying a new coputer

  3. hey look, i got first post too!
    hehe, inline videos are nice(sofar only been 2 but hey, if you wanna see more than make ur own hacks!)
    hmm… should i rehash a old idea in my own spin or somthing that is borderline legal but cool as hell(smokebomb creation demonstration!!)

  4. ok, an update… i really really wanted to watch this video! SO, here is what i did. i booted up my trusty old hax0red xbox… then i proceded to load XBMC from the softmod menu… then i surfed through my workgroup shares and FINALLY PLAYED THE VIDEO! AWESOME! this is the perfect solution for this considering the topis of the presentation! not to mention i got to watch it on a 27″ tv in near/better than dvd quality. thanks for this vid!

  5. What a great keynote!
    Not only is the subject matter of great interest, but the guy knows how to speak and get his points across very well. (cool watch)

    I’ve also been reading boingboing alot lately. It’s a gear place.

    I’m also becoming more and more concerned about topics like DRM and the other points Mr. Doctorow touched on.

    Thank you Hackaday!

  6. I dunno guys; I’ve been reading boingboing for a while and i’ve seen a major change this last year. It used to be all whacky stuff, but lately its been political bullshit and drm. Thats it. I get tired of reading the same stuff everyday. I will say this though: If you’re reading boingboing, you need to be reading xenisucks.com too.

    It’s not that i have a problem with the content on boingboing, i have a problem with it not being consistent. If i wanted to hear about DRM, i would go to more blogs that talk about that stuff. If i wanted to hear about how republicans are ruining the world, i would go to a liberal/democratic blog. Frequently, i just want to see some crazy stuff, like the image of Mary in the grilled cheese. THAT is what boinboing bills itself as – a directory of wonderful things. Not a directory of DRM and liberal rants. Free speech, yes. But please, organize it better.

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  9. Wow total lockup of Firefox when I try to play the video.

    Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux x86_64; en-US; rv: Gecko/20100914 SUSE/3.6.10-30.2 Firefox/3.6.10

    Oddly it also locks up on windows 7. Must be Firefox 3.6.12 and flash?

  10. He hits the nail on the head.
    EULA is feudalism.

    They should change the EULA to say that when you modify the product beyond it’s manufacturers intended use, you give up warranty.

    It’s the same as using a cellphone to hammer some nails. If it’s broken you shouldn’t get a new one for free.

    But when i buy the phone, every little piece is MINE and not some license granted to my by my dollars entering their pocket.

    When you buy food you don’t buy a license to consume it. It becomes your right.

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