Happy Thxgiving – DSmidiwifi

[Tom] pointed out this nintendo DS midi wifi hack demo. [0xtob] and [therain] put on a demo of using a ds as a midi device. Check out the video. The two most interesting applications demo’ed: [to me] The kaos pad app and using the DS as a midi playback device. [I wonder how long until we see a DS orchestra. Seems like the DS still has plenty of potential for development. [via musicthing]

13 thoughts on “Happy Thxgiving – DSmidiwifi

  1. I think this is one of the cooler things that I’ve seen homebrew DS software do.. and the fact that you can use more than one together makes it even cooler.

    Now someone needs to step up the bill for the tools required to run homebrew. Hackaday? ;)

  2. Wow.
    How cool would it be to have a group be able to jam?

    If written for it, you could send the app as a demo program and anyone passing by with a DS would be able to join in!

    Really really cool stuff!

  3. There is a band called “The Gameboyzz Orchestra Project” out there, the music is a bit wierd, but it is all made on different gameboys.

    http://www.gameboyzz.com/ is supposedly their homepage, but it only returns an empty page to me at the moment, maybe you’ll have more success.

    Just thought I should mention it in reply to how long it will take until we see an orchestra, they have been around for a while.

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