Bio-ElectroStatic Generator

[Matt] sent in Electrifried 2 – the second version of a device with one purpose: shock your friends like you’ve got a giant shag carpet. The ion generator is used to provide create a static electric charge on demand. Looks like another great alternative use for a negative ion generator that could take evil christmas giving to a new level.

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  1. Nice… God of Thunder transformation kit. But… bio-electrostatic generator? Gosh… i thought it used an electric fish when i read the rss feed………
    Next on hack a day: heliohidrobioannihilator (or: how to purify water with the sun….)

  2. i remember someone making this hack but i also ordered the parts ( should be here tomorrow! ) and it was called pikashoes. a quick google should turn up some results. i’ll comment back with my personal results!

  3. To avoid shockage touching people using this, simply wear some sort of metal gauntlet on your hands! The zapper will remain fine but the zappee will be shocked and perhaps even burnt by the discharge. FUN.

    Also, gauntlets are damn cool.

  4. as the pikashoe said , use an insensitive part of your body (such as your knuckles to touch a sensitive part of his body and he’ll get a shock that hurts while you will barely feel it if at all.

  5. insulated gloves wouldn’t work too well, they would insulate and therefore prevent a discharge. the key to avoiding a painful shock yourself is maximising the area over which the current leaves your body- try holding a key and grounding yourself/touching someone with the point. alternatively gauntlets of lightning +1 are a possibility :)

  6. If you really want a good zap, rip open a disposable camera and touch the ends of the flash leads, thats just a really big cap and a DC boost regulator, and it is about half the price of the ion generator.

  7. This is awesome…last month i built one of these things… i did it like the original, in a shoe. it is soo fun to shock people with this because they are like, “Ouch, WTF?” then do it again…they ask “do you have something???” and since it is in your shoe you can show them that you have nothing. PRICELESS.

  8. Yea, took apart a disposable camera years ago, played with the bits and inadvertantly threw the camera across the room when ‘exploring’ the electronics! Enough to make me apprehensive about repeating the procedure!

    Take it no one from the UK is interested in this then? :(

    Booo! Got a James Bond party to go to at Christmas and wanted to pretend it was the device out of “Die another day”! :(

  9. i built one of these on halloween for a “force lightning” effect for my Darth Sideous costume. Its pretty neat on cement and stuff, but if you use it while on wet grass it can really pwn some people. no joke, this thing really hurts bad on a damp surface like that. definitely worth the build simply for the look on the drive thru dudes face when he tries to hand you your change without hurling it upward in “shock.” (pun intended)

  10. Could this device be used to throw off, or force confusing readings on those much discussed “e-meters” used by Scientologists? I’ve been looking for a way to confuse and confound local member of the idiot religion who regularly give free “readings” on the streets of Old Town Pasadena.

  11. For the person who is getting shocked on the leg: Make sure your ground wire is connected to the + of the battery, Then take the HV+ and run it down the wire and listen for snaps. If you hear one then theres a small short in the wire. Repair it with some electrical tape. Also if the insulation is thin it may be able to have enough corona to zap you.

    The pikashoes were made by a guy whos page is called Afrotech or something like that. He was trying to make the project as low budget as possible. I found an even cheeper ground wire and disconnect system then this guy. Take an extension cord cut off one end with about 6-8 inches of wire left over. Strip all three wires and twist them together. Solder that to the ground plate. take the other side of the cord and cut it to length it needs to be to reach your + terminal of the battery. Add a few inches strip twist and solder.

    As for the insulated gauntlets: Take the HV+ and wire it to the gauntlets instead of your body.

  12. Hey guys,

    I’m the guy who made Electrifried.
    It can do a lot more than just shock people.
    It’s a handy tool for magicians too.
    (Read the site to find out more.)
    I also have a lot of info for troubleshooting, and I’ve got a full fledged forum up now too.
    Example: If you’re getting shocked on your own leg, than the insulation isn’t sufficient, and you need to insulate it more.. notice the handkerchief around my leg !

    BTW, this isn’t the same kind of shock you get from a capacitor – it’s a little milder I think, although under the right circumstances it can get pretty nasty too.

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